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I am tired of being called ignorant. It has become the go-to criticism of the left when someone doesn’t agree with their views, policies, or beliefs. “Stop being so ignorant” “It’s not her fault, she’s just ignorant” “I’m sorry you’re ignorant about the truth” But I don’t think these critics know what the true meaning of ignorance is.



  1. lack of knowledge or information.

Lack of knowledge or information. When I read that definition, I just have to laugh. These critics of my personal beliefs think that just because I disagree with them, I just have to be unknowledgable or misinformed. Little do they know I spend 20 minutes every day reading the Wall Street Journal, getting informed about what’s going on in the world. I get both Fox News and The New York Times breaking news notifications on my phone so I can always keep on top of news right when it happens. I constantly read books by leaders in politics about different sectors of policies, leadership skills, and general knowledge about the Conservative Movement.

Now, I don’t want to make assumptions about my liberal friends, but if I had to bet, I am probably doing more to expand my knowledge in the world of politics and national news than they do — but somehow I have been labeled this word that means the exact opposite: ignorant. Do we disagree on some issues? Absolutely, but do not bring my level of intelligence or understand into the argument. People can disagree with you and still be intelligent and well-informed.

Instead of blindly criticizing each other’s beliefs and lack of intelligence, I think our country would be in a much better place if we had open ears and minds about opinions different than our own. Being respectful and interested in the opposite side doesn’t make you a traitor to your ideologies — it just means that you recognize that our country was built by brilliant men with different ideas of how to create a new nation respectfully arguing and disagreeing in order to create the country we all love and cherish today.

Listening to the opposite side also challenges you and forces you to believe in your political views more than only listening to your side only ever would — causing you actually become less ignorant. Keep that in mind after a someone still politely disagrees with you after a political argument discussing both sides. By discussion and the trade of ideas you are both becoming, in the literal sense, less ignorant — making your insult completely void.

So please, next time you argue with me about economics, free-markets, or the need for a minimum wage, listen to my side instead of slapping a label of ignorance on my forehead. I will be more than willing to listen to your side (mostly so I can prove it wrong), but with respect and human decency, I simply ask the same in return.

So please stop calling me ignorant — because you apparently don’t know the meaning of the word.

Corinne C
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