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Everyone who is #ReadyforHillary has decided that it is their mission to challenge and thwart anyone who is not ready for Hillary, and they attempt to do this by highlighting the one thing Hillary Clinton cannot control: her gender. If you speak out against Hillary, whether it is her policy platform, her experience, or her actions, you’ll immediately be branded a sexist. It seems that we must all love Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, and if you don’t support women, you’re a sexist.  However, I refuse to do what everyone tells me, and that’s why I dislike Hillary. Guess what? That doesn’t make me sexist! Here’s why: 

I’ve yet to meet a single person who has a problem with Hillary solely because she is a woman. Rather, they take offense to the actions she has committed as a woman. People are upset about very real scandals she has been involved with, scandals that were not caused by her womanhood, but rather her ineptitude.

It isn’t sexist to comment on how Hillary Clinton acts or dresses. If people can make fun of Ben Carson’s soft voice, I can offer comment on Hillary’s occasional shrieking. That’s not sexist. That’s observant.  People made comments on Carly Fiorina’s voice and appearance when she was still in the race, and she and her supporters were classy and intelligent enough not to play the woman card.   

Pointing out that Hillary’s pantsuit wardrobe is atrocious does not make me a sexist.  I’m not saying she has to wear a halter-top and mini skirt to be a woman, that would be sexist.  What I am saying, is that as an observer of a person in the spotlight, I can comment on their wardrobe choices whether they are male, female, tall, short, black or white. Fashion knows no gender, height or race.

People who brand anyone that is anti-Hillary as sexist are only kidding themselves. There are a thousand reasons to dislike Hillary, and none of them have anything to do with her gender.

I don’t dislike Hillary because she is a woman. I dislike Hillary because she is a dishonest, conniving, career politician who steps on other people, including other women, to reach the top. Four American citizens didn’t die in Benghazi, because Hillary was a woman. The FBI is not investigating her private email server, because she is a woman. The Arkansas White Water Scandal didn’t break because she was a woman. She didn’t threaten and demonize the women that accused her husband of sexual assault because she is a woman.

This is 2016, and we live in the United States. Women can do everything that men can do. Women can vote. Women can own land, and run for public office. Women can seek divorces and are almost always given priority in custody cases. Women can hold high offices in our government and have extreme amounts of power, but they cannot abuse it simply because they are women. No one dislikes Hillary because of her anatomy. We dislike Hillary because of her actions, and if she was a man doing the same things, you can bet that I’d dislike him too. Can you imagine if a Republican presidential candidate had the track record of Hillary? Male or female, the Left would be trying to remove them from the political process as swiftly as possible.

The next time someone tells you that it is sexist to dislike Hillary, laugh in their face. That argument is so flawed that it is barely worth disputing.  There is no war on women in the United States, but there is a war on freedom, and if we elect Hillary Clinton, we may end up a lot less free than we want to be.

It isn’t sexist to dislike Hillary. It’s sexist to tell me as a woman that I have to like Hillary Clinton because I too am a woman. I am a woman, and I think with my lady smarts not my lady parts. That’s why I dislike Hillary.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member