Last summer, The Heritage Foundation launched a new online program called The Academy. It is a 12-week program to help “increase your leadership capabilities and to help you engage more meaningfully in your communities and more confidently in policy debates.” I was a part of the inaugural class of Academy fellows, and I highly recommend any conservative to apply.

Every week, fellows will have three lectures to watch on their own time by Heritage policy experts on foreign, domestic, and economic policy issues. Then, you will have the chance to ask these speakers questions in three one hour long question and answer sessions.

You will also be placed in a cohort based on the issues you are most passionate about where you will be able to discuss current events and the lectures from the past week. It is a great way to meet other young people who care about similar issues.

There is also an optional capstone project you can complete on any topic of your choosing, and you can work by yourself or in a group. You get advice from Heritage’s policy experts during the process. When you submit your project, you will be able to present it to them or have them read your paper, and you will receive feedback.

To graduate from The Academy, you must complete 80% of the program. However, it is not a huge time commitment and can be completed alongside another internship or school.

Every young conservative should get involved with The Heritage Foundation. They are the number one think tank in the world for “Most Significant Impact on Public Policy,” and have an incredible alumni network. They are also a great resource for young conservatives to learn more about America’s First Principles and have a good understanding of current policy issues.

The Academy is open to anyone ranging from high school students to young professionals. The deadline to apply for this summer’s class is May 1, and you can learn more about the program and how to apply by visiting their website.

Rose L