On Wednesday, June 5th, I was sitting in the gallery of the North Carolina General Assembly’s House Chambers to hear the House of Representatives vote on the veto override of the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill had somehow earned the label as “controversial” even though it shouldn’t be at all. This bill, in summary, was about babies born alive after botched abortions being given life saving medical attention. It would create criminal penalities for doctors who allow abortion survivors to die. Lastly, it would require mandatory reporting of babies born alive after a botched abortion.

What happened that day was something I didn’t expect.

It isn’t uncommon that people in the pro-life movement vote Republican so they sit on the side of the gallery that allows them to see the Republicans. The pro-choice advocates sat on the side that would allow them to see the Democrats. I would say that it was about 60% pro-life activists and 40% pro-choice advocates. The pro-life advocates in light blue, the pro-choice advocates in pink, one in a pink wig and pink tutu.

Finally, the Speaker gaveled us in and there was the prayer. During the prayer, many remained seated, but then a few stood with their arms across their body in the form of an “x”. When it came time to say the pledge, many of them turned around, stayed seated, or still held up the “x.”  I don’t care what your personal beliefs are, but it’s still just disrespectful in the professional setting we were in.

Once debate got started, it was a lot of Republicans who spoke; the sponsor of the bill becoming emotional talking about the lives of babies being at stake. The pro-choice advocates smiled, laughed, and rolled their eyes. Every time someone they didn’t agree with spoke, they either carried on conversation between each other, whispered loudly back and forth making rude comments, and making faces.

But the thing that absolutely shocked me the most was when two abortion survivors, Gianna Jessen and Claire Culwell, were recognized by the Speaker, the abortion activists didn’t clap, didn’t stop talking, and they didn’t even acknowledge the activists.

This is how radical these activists have gotten. Pro-abortion activists won’t even acknowledge the human’s who have suffered from abortion. No, pro-abortion activists won’t even listen to the stories of survivors. Pro-abortion activists can’t even look at or clap for two strong women who overcame major hurdles.

Lastly, when the NC House failed to override the Governor’s veto, these activists cheered in the lobby. They danced around and hugged, as if this was some major win for women. Nothing screams “women’s empowerment” like allowing babies that are born alive to die apparently.

I am extremely disheartened at how radical the left has become. I thought they wanted “safe, legal, and rare” but what they really advocate for is less regulations on building code (so that they don’t have to adhere to ambulatory center codes), they want legal abortion until day of birth. In fact, they don’t want it to be rare when they want to extend the limits on when abortions can be performed.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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