I have been a pro-life activist for about 7 years and I have never witnessed the kind of malice and blatant disrespect towards pro-life activists are there are now. I posted a picture on my Instagram of myself at a pro-life rally recently and received a comment simply saying “electric chair” implying that I deserved to be killed for my beliefs. Of course, they probably didn’t mean it literally but it’s still insanely disrespected. I have never looked at a pro-abortion advocate and wish them any kind of harm.

These pro-abortion advocates consistently throw hate, names, accusations, and truly foul language at pro-life advocates.

We hear everything from:

“I wish you had been aborted”

“You should’ve been aborted”

“Your mom made a mistake for not aborting you”

“Is it too late to abort you now?”

“I hope you get raped so you understand what it’s like to be in this situation”

“I hope you find yourself young, pregnant, and poor one day.”

They say that pro-lifers, specifically Christians, are only pro-birth and that we don’t care about a baby after he or she is born…even though Christians give the most in donations and many of either volunteer or donate to women’s crisis centers. I don’t know a single pro-lifer who is pro-life in name only. We all do our part to save both mother and baby.

But you threatening us, hurting us, breaking our things, and yelling in our faces only makes us feel more empowered. We are stronger than your words, we are stronger than your bullying. Every time you try to tear down one of us, two more pop up beside us. Us pro-lifers aren’t going away. We are fighting for the right for children to be born. We are fighting for everyone’s right at a chance at life.

We don’t pick and choose which babies we want to protect because we believe ALL life should be born. We believe that all babies of all races, ethnicities, and genders deserve to be born. We don’t care whether or not they’re gay, or bi, or trans; we just want whoever this child becomes to have that chance.

We are pro-life because we are pro-science. Science dictates that life begins at conception and with the advances in technology, we are proving that point more and more each day. We are watching more and more textbooks feature the fetal timeline development proving that a fetus is not just a “cluster of cells.”

The pro-life movement isn’t going away but our tolerance is here to stay. Of course there have been a few violent pro-lifers and they deserve a punishment that fits. There is no excuse for a pro-lifer to commit any act of violence in the name of the pro-life cause because pro-lifers do not ever stand behind that behavior. To anyone who has been hurt by a pro-lifer, we apologize. Majority of pro-lifers are peaceful, calm, and kind. You rarely see a video of a pro-lifer losing their mind and yelling at people. That is because we believe that respect goes a long way. We would love to discuss your views on abortion with you but you must treat us with the respect that we constantly show you.

We are here fighting for human rights.

We are here fighting for the most basic right.

We are here fighting for the right that allows all other rights.

We are fighting for life.

And you can’t stop us.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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