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No one said being a conservative in college was going to be easy.  Did anyone warn you about the scandals that might ensue when liberal administrations and conservative students clash? Colleges and universities claim to be hotbeds of learning and intellectual debate.  The facts show that they are actually dens of liberalism that breed conformity and squash all other sides of the argument. The Left will try anything they can to shut down free speech, especially conservative speech, on college campuses. Whether it is a protest, threats, or a permanent marker, the Left comes out every time a conservative dares to speak up. Before you head to your college campus to fight the good fight this year, brush up on the anti-conservative scandals that have already rocked campuses this year.

1) CSULA Tries to Ban Ben Shapiro

If you don’t like speech, just ban it. That’s what the First Amendment is all about, right? Nope. Someone forgot to tell the intolerant Left that runs college campuses. Former Breitbart writer and outspoken conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, was on the receiving end of a liberal ban.  CSULA’s president cancelled Shapiro’s speech, titled “When Diversity Becomes a Problem” which was being put on by the university’s newly formed YAF chapter.  The administration tried to “reschedule” Shapiro to appear on a panel with “other speakers.” As we know, conservatives are stronger than any liberal administration, and the event was held as planned. Protesters tried to shut down the event.  Students had to sneak into the event to avoid harm from the protesters. That’s tolerance for you.

2) Milo Yiannopoulos Nearly Assaulted at DePaul University

Nothing gets the Left fired up like an outspoken gay conservative who takes no prisoners. Milo Yiannopoulos is no stranger to controversy, but things got VERY heated when he appeared for a lecture at DePaul University. Protesters associated with the Black Lives Matter movement interrupted the event with shouting and whistles, took to the stage, stole the microphone from the interviewer, and even threatened to punch Milo in the face. Chants of “Feel the Bern!” and “Black Lives Matter!” filled the hall.  Many people were critical of the security guards who did nothing to intervene for an extended period of time, even though that was their job.

3)  Virginia Tech Threatens Fines Over Diversity Training

We know the Left loves to take your money through taxes.  Now they want to squeeze money out of you while you’re still in college. Liberal indoctrination camps, also known as college, are getting excited about indoctrinating new pledges this fall. and Virginia Tech wants to be on the front lines. Now, incoming students at Virginia Tech are required to take DiversityEDU, a mandatory course that teaches students about liberal “logic” “acceptance” and “tolerance.” What if students don’t want to take this course? Well, they are fined $105 and cannot register for the next semester of classes. This is a classic example of universities forcing their liberal policies down students’ throats at the expense of freedom. Luckily, after their intolerance was exposed, the threats of a fine were deleted from their website.

4) Yale Students Force Out Master Over Free Speech

An email about Halloween costumes ignited a firestorm at the New Haven University. The rapid liberal students would not back down until Nick Christakis, known for his scientific research and support of free speech was threatened outside of his own home and eventually forced out of it. No one reported that the Master in question was himself a liberal. It just goes to show how intolerant the Left is to free speech, even within their own ranks.

5) Protestors Draw Swastikas on D’Souza Posters

The Left loves to compare everyone to Hitler.  The natively Indian conservative author and filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, is no exception to their rule. The Left at the University of Wisconsin-Madison went out in full force against posters promoting a lecture by Dinesh D’Souza.  They vandalized the posters with phrases such as “F**K this” while calling D’Souza an “a**hat” among other things. No Leftist protest would be complete without Nazi accusations. Some of the protesters included swastikas drawn on them with the Left’s favorite weapon: the permanent marker. 

6) Pro-Life Display Vandalized at SMU

A display was set up nearing 3,000 crosses to memorialize the 2,904 lives lost to abortion each day.  How did the left respond? They vandalized this school approved display and tore down the crosses. The group in charge of the display, Mustangs for Life, were outraged and filed a police report over the vandalism. Was anything done by the administration to find these criminal vandals? No. How did the group respond? They got up early the next morning and replaced every single one of the crosses. Members stood guard at the display. Social media threats were made to burn down the display. The Pro-Life generation stood strong, and they were victorious.

7) Anti-Illegal Immigration Students at GW Called Fascists

After advertising an event with former US Treasurer Bay Buchanan on immigration titled “Build The Wall: Secure Our Borders” students were called “fascists” and attacked in the way the Left loves best: on social media. Much to the chagrin of the Left, the event was a major success and was standing room only.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member