1) You believe in the Constitution.  Caitlyn Jenner said it best.  There really is no extra explanation necessary.



2) Ronald Reagan is one of your favorite presidents. With so many great reasons to love Reagan, why wouldn’t he be your favorite president? He reduced unemployment, survived an assassination attempt, and was a pretty great president in our book. We will cheers to that!



3) You’re a gun owner. You’re a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, you believe in the Constitution after all.  One sure-fire way to tell if someone is a Republican is if they’re packing heat. You may find us at the gun club or out hunting, but regardless, any good Republican is pro second amendment.

lexie gun


4) You love babies. If you’re a Republican, odds are that you’re pro-life. What’s more adorable than a bunch of babies? Nothing.



5) You own apparel and accessories from FFL’s webstore.  I mean, obviously.  



6) You’re not a one issue voter.  You vote with your brain and for the policies and principles that move America forward in the best possible way.



6) You’re used to getting unfriended and unfollowed on social media due to voicing your opinion on politics and current events.  It doesn’t stop us, but isn’t the left supposed to be the party of tolerance?



7) You think the corporate tax rate is too dang high.  We have the highest corporate tax rate in the free world.  WHY? (Based off of the statutory rate, before deductions, marginally speaking, we’re third.)



8) You get told to quit drinking “Faux News’ koolaid” daily by the same people that binge watch MSNBC and read Huffington Post… but that’s none of my business though. 



9) You believe in the American Dream and you know you can be anything you want to be in this world, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.



10) You strongly dislike Obama. And Hillary. You can’t wait for it to be 2016 so we can get someone we’re proud of back into that Oval Office.



11) Your “person” is most likely a Republican too.