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The conservative movement keeps growing, especially among young adults. There is a ton of enthusiasm accruing in high schools, on college campuses, and through social media. What seems to be a recurring issue, though, is that sometimes the opportunity of getting involved and making a different turns into the desire to gain mass amounts of attention and personal gain. This can easily cause disruption and turmoil inside the movement. In the midst of the ever-so-common political chaos, conservatives need to stick together, but also remember a few important pieces of advice to make sure that we keep the movement heading in the right direction so we can continue to successfully spread our message of conservative far and wide.

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It’s about the movement, not you.

With social media being the biggest form of communication in our movement, it is easy for people to try to use it to gain fame. We should know when someone is using the movements’ premises for personal promotion and stop giving attention to those who blatantly do so. Having tons of followers and receiving large amounts of likes and retweets does not automatically make someone a spokesperson for our party or the movement. As young adults, we want to make a difference, but we also have so much that we still need to experience and learn from. We can easily make mistakes, and we need to make sure that our personal mistakes do not reflect on the Conservative movement and what we are fighting for.

Don’t be a hypocrite.

After criticizing the actions of a person or group, it is imperative that we do not turn around and do the same thing that we were just ostracizing them for. This makes everything that we say lose credibility. Why should anyone listen to what we have to say when we are not going to stand behind it? Stand strong behind your views. In the event that you waver on an opinion, be clear about it. It is always okay to change views after learning something new.

It’s about ideas, not people.

Conservatism is based on ideas – not people. We need to start rallying behind ideas instead putting people on pedestals. People can do and say bad things and self-implode. Ideas stand the test of time.

Advocate for civil discourse, not for censorship.

It’s okay to disagree with someone’s views, whether they are from your party or not. What is not productive is telling someone, “delete your account” just because you do not agree with them. Challenge their ideas, question their reasoning, and introduce your opposing viewpoint, but always remember that censorship is exactly what we are advocating against. America is great because it allows for a diversity of ideas. Accept that not everyone is going to think exactly like you are.

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Karly H