Being young is hard enough. Being in high school or middle school is incredibly tough. Many adults would disagree, but when a middle schooler or high schooler or even a college student is struggling with something that may seem minor to us, it’s probably the hardest thing the student has ever gone through. This tough age is when you find out how harsh the world can be, especially when it comes to religion and politics. But it’s even more harsh during this day in age when bullying is prevalent. Online bullying is often seen as “funny”, and people hide behind keyboards to say some of the worst things humans can say to each other. It’s when a lot of people become quite cynical. But to the young pro-life woman, keep your head up.

I was once in your shoes.

If you’re a young pro-life woman, you’re constantly told that:

  • you’re betraying your gender

  • you hate yourself

  • you’re brainwashed

  • men told you to be pro-life

  • you’re only pro-life because of your religion, etc.

You will always be told those things because pro-abortion advocates truly can not wrap their minds around the fact that a woman would dare disagree with them. The arguments never develop deeper than that because they don’t have anything else to go off of, but I know it doesn’t make it any easier on you, the pro-life advocate.

There are videos of pro-life advocates being physically attacked, having their materials destroyed, and even elected officials attempting to doxx them. These aren’t edge cases; in fact, majority of advocates have endured some kind of physical, verbal, or psychological abuse while they are either praying on sidewalks outside of abortion clinics, tabling on college campuses, or even just holding a sign on a street corner to raise awareness.

To you, the young pro-life woman,

If you even save one life, then everything you’ve endured is worth it.

Never lose your purpose even when others try to flood your thoughts with negative words, hateful name calling, and dehumanization of both you and the baby you’re wishing to protect. The greatness that you’re bringing to the world is brighter than the darkness and hate these people are throwing at you.

It will only get harder, especially with the way the divisiveness is heading. Be prepared. Come ready to be confronted by angry people who berate you, be prepared for people to threaten or intimidate you, and have a safety plan. The fact that we even have to do this absurd, but I promise that it is necessary.

You are wise beyond your years and you are using your free time to literally save the lives of others so don’t let the hate get to your head or let it dissuade you. While it may seem like you’re alone, there are plenty like you. Join pro-life organizations and make connections with pro-lifers online who can help keep you motivated and mentally healthy. Be sure to be practicing adequate self-care.

Thank you, for everything you do for the community, for babies, and your continued volunteer work to protect lives.


A fellow pro-life activist

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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