There are a lot of negative stereotypes when it comes to Republicans. We’re considered the party of old, rich, white men. We’re often portrayed as heartless. It is said we do not care about the poor, the suffering, or the middle-class. Because we take a different approach than our liberal counter-parts when it comes to hardships, we’re criticized for being too harsh. We’re called bitter gun-clingers because we believe in  2A. We’re shamed for believing life begins at conception. None of these stereotypes are true.  I talked with a few Republicans and asked them “what are some things you want liberals to know about Republicans?” This is what came of the conversations:

1) We’re not anti-women. 

“I want you to know that Republicans are not “racists” or people who cling to their guns and religion. Despite the media portrayal of Trump supporters, there are women who identify as Trump supporters and as feminists. We are not “bad women” or anti-women because we voted for Trump and we align with the Republican party. We are women who want to exercise our right to have a gun to protect ourselves and our families. We believe that true equality is having our thoughts and beliefs taken seriously as an individual person, we do not want to reduce ourselves to just our gender identity. Therefore, we voted for our children’s’ futures based on our morals. We didn’t vote for a woman simply because she was a woman. So please do not underestimate us Republican women. We know what we want, we will not be scared easily, and no, we will not conform our ideology. If that makes us bad women, if that makes us “deplorable”, then so be it.”Bailey

2) We’re inclusive. 

“I want you to know that anyone can be a Republican. Contrary to popular belief, being a Republican isn’t about your gender, race, or status. Being a Republican is about believing in certain policy; this includes limited government, economic and individual freedom, lower taxes, and a strong interpretation of the Constitution. As you can see, these ideologies have nothing to do with one’s own identity. In fact, this way of thinking benefits all Americans, ranging from the top to the bottom. Some people like to think of Republicans as cruel and uncaring, but I find that to be absurd. This election season has shined a bad light on the party and who we truly are. The party DOES NOT support racism, misogyny, or hatred towards minority groups. The party as a whole is caring and accepting, although the Democrats and the media will try to make it seem like we’re not.”Patrick

3) Despite what the many will say, we’re diverse.

“Republicans are not just old, white men. If you look at our party it is very diverse, we have men and women of Latino decent, African American women and men, white men of all ages. Look at the candidates for the Republican nomination in the 2016 election. We had Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are both of Latino descent. Ben Carson who is African American. South Carolinas Governor and being sworn in to Trumps cabinet as the Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, she was the first woman to ever serve as the governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley is Indian-American. The Republican party knows no race, age, or gender. So many amazing people that make up the GOP are not white, old males. We at FFL embrace young, conservative women and there is such a misconception of our party. The things that unite the Republican party are morals, a love and strict interpretation of the Constitution, and a love for America. We are not a party of hateful, old men, we are the loving party of the future made up of diverse individuals who understand that bigger government is not the answer to our problems.”Katlyn

4) We believe in opportunity for all.

“No, Republicans don’t hate you and we are not old angry White men. Like you, we want what’s best for our country. We are not against change, our party has been at the forefront of the biggest reforms in our nation’s history. We’re glad to have a party full of success stories, our best and brightest officials represent the American Dream. Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Representative Mia Love had poor families that immigrated here for a better life. The GOP is the party of opportunity.”Markeece

5) We’re actually pretty tolerant.

“Republicans don’t come as a one size fits all. We are all different in our beliefs and we are usually held together by the same economic beliefs and fiscal policy. Republicans and Democrats both want what’s best for America and often, we do want the same outcome; we just have different ways of achieving it. Republicans can be feminists and a majority of them are. Republicans fight for equal opportunity and equal rights; just because we don’t believe in forcing equal outcome does not mean we do not care about the success of others. As Republicans, we do love and appreciate our military but we are not fascinated with war nor do we want to constantly be in them. We do love our American flags, our country, and our traditions, but the young Republicans like me are open and accepting of necessary change. We love our fellow citizens just as much as we love America. Have a conversation with us without berating us and you will see that we aren’t as bad as people have made us out to be.”Caroline

6) We love to be challenged.

“A column published in The New York Times said it best, “Universities are the bedrock of progressive values, but the one kind of diversity that universities disregard is ideological and religious. We’re fine with people who don’t look like us, as long as they think like us.” Conservatives often ask why would I subject myself to such a liberal university? But I love it, I love people that challenge my ideas and give me new perspective as long as those people are respectful. I am more than happy to engage in a thoughtful, well informed conversation as long as you leave the name calling and stereotypes at the door. So the next time you want to judge a conservative stop and take a moment to actually talk with them. You are both people who are passionate in your beliefs and love your country, you would be surprised to realize you are not all that different. ” – Victoria

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member