Are you struggling to find job openings within your field? Are you eager to expand your network? Consider joining a Facebook career group where you have the opportunity to job search and expand your network at the same time. There are several Facebook career groups specifying a job field, city, county, or state. Below are steps to help you get started.

Do your research

Go to your Facebook search page, click “Groups” and type “job listings/career listings”. Next, read the Facebook group description to figure out which group(s) are relevant. Several Facebook career groups are private so once you find a group you like, you will need to send a request to join a private group. Facebook group administrators will look at your Facebook for approval so make sure your profile is appropriate.

Browse job listings

As soon as you receive the notification that you are a member of a group, pay close attention to your Facebook notifications from these groups about job listings. Members find and post jobs that may not be listed on employment search websites.

Introduce yourself

Provide a brief introduction of yourself to these Facebook groups. Think of it as a mini answer to the “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview. Three or four sentences would be ideal. Include the link to your LinkedIn Profile for future employers to read more details about your work experience. Thus, you can add more connections to your LinkedIn.

Interact with Facebook group members

In addition to reading job listings, you should like and/or comment on other members posting helpful career articles, asking job questions, or sharing career events on the Facebook group.

Interacting with other members is a great way to meet future colleagues or employers. Consider joining more than one Facebook career group to expand your network even further.

Facebook career groups are an ideal employment search medium. Members are able to see job openings, grow their professional network, and have access to career resources.

Cameron Custer has been active in politics for over two years. She served as communications director for Abilene Christian University College Republicans. She interned at Dallas County Republican Party, where she has been inspired to continue gaining work experience at a senatorial campaign.

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