Future Female Leaders was launched by a spirited, sassy, young lady who had a lot to say about the world she lived in.  She is best described by a phrase she coined ‘I like my politics red, my wine white, and skies blue.’  She grew up watching Fox News on her father’s knee which initiated her early interest in politics and current events.  Despite this early interest in these topics, she still experienced those day to day feelings that come with being an American girl.

Amanda is the voice and inspiration behind Future Female Leaders of America.  With the rising interest of the 2012 presidential election, she felt like her conservative values, principles, and beliefs were underrepresented, especially as a conservative women.  She created a Twitter account named FFL as an outlet to express her opinions and concerns that included the direction of our country, the current administration, and a whirlwind of unsettling current events.  She also used this outlet to express her personal thoughts throughout her daily life – the highs, the lows, the successes, and the disappointments – that come with being a young woman.

She soon realized she was not alone in her thoughts. She found herself resonating among a very unique niche – young, conservative women. She learned that her tweets and posts were inspiring and motivating these women to speak out and not be shy about their beliefs and principles. Amanda wanted to extend that pride beyond a tweet and starting designing conservative themed apparel and gifts and writing columns covering a range of topics relevant to young women.   Soon, Amanda was processing, packaging these orders, and writing these columns in her college apartment in between her college classes, part time job, and attending to the apple of her eye, her dog Ellie.

Amanda graduated in May of 2013 and moved the operations of Future Female Leaders up to her hometown of Richmond, VA. She continues to be the main voice and inspiration behind the brand and hopes to change the way young women perceive politics and current events.