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7 Habits To Adopt To Stand Out As An Intern

We all know that internships are great resume-builders, but it’s equally as important to build successful relationships with those that you work with. This means going above and beyond other interns to make a lasting impression. You will see this pay off when it comes to requesting letters of recommendation, [...]

A Girl’s Ultimate Guide For Applying To Law School

Applying to law school is scary. LSAT, GPA, letters of recommendation, applications, school visits -- it can make your head spin. There’s so much to keep up with, and what feels like so little time to get everything done. As someone who was just in your shoes, let my experience [...]

9 Essentials Every Woman Needs For Her Internship

The semester has wrapped up. High school and college aged students all around the country are getting ready to begin their internships. Whether you’re interning locally or in a metropolitan area such as Washington, D.C., summer internships can be exhilarating. For some, this is the moment you have been waiting for [...]

10 Things Every Woman Should Have At Her Desk

Our desks are where we spend a majority of our time. It's important to surround our work space with the tools we need to help us tackle our goals. Whether you're about to start your summer internship or run your own business, here are 10 things every woman should have [...]

4 Great Lessons I Learned From My First Summer Job

It was May of 2010, and the end my sophomore year in high school was quickly approaching. I had accomplished so many great things that school year. I received my license, my first car and I defined myself academically. In reflection of all these things, my parents suggested I get [...]

Non-Verbal Communication: The Key To Becoming A More Effective Leader

Having good interpersonal communication skills is important both within the workplace and while networking. There are several elements of interpersonal communication. Nonverbal is one of the most important when used in the correct way. Not only can nonverbal communication enhance understanding, but it can also act as a gauge between [...]

3 Reasons To Intern In Washington, D.C. During College

It’s that time of year again, summer internship applications and acceptances are well underway.  Have you thought about what your plans to better yourself and your career will be this summer? If you haven’t started thinking about it, I highly suggest that you start planning and focusing on this summer [...]

6 Pieces Of Advice For Applying To An Internship

Applying for internships can be an overwhelming and confusing process. You have to first decide where you want to intern, and then often what position you want within that company, and that is all before you even think about how to creatively and intelligently answer the application questions. As someone [...]

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Your Own Business Before 30

There’s a stigma out there about Millennials being precocious or unserious about business today. It doesn’t help that our generation is perceived as “lazy” and “entitled” because there is some truth to that statement. However, Millennials aren’t a monolithic bunch—nor should they — especially right-leaning ones — be discouraged from [...]

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: How To Handle It And Prevent It

According to the Department of Justice, sexual harassment can be any activity that “creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment for members of one sex, whether such activity is carried out by a supervisor or by a coworker.” Common examples of sexual harassment are telling sexually-oriented jokes, sexual remarks [...]

3 Types Of Summer Internships That Might Be Right For You

As sweater weather turns into sundress and flip-flop season, it’s a great time to pull out those Lilly planners and start preparing for summer. If you’re looking for a summer internship, there are three different categories to consider while weighing your options and submitting applications. 1) The political [...]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Finding A Career Mentor

As emerging young professionals, it is helpful to have a mentor in your prospective field. A mentor can help you with networking and navigating your industry. Finding a mentor can be hard, but deciding if he or she is the right mentor for you does not have to be. Ask yourself [...]