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How I Almost Dated A Socialist

I live in Socialism Sucks t-shirts. One of the posters in my room clearly says that “Commies aren’t cool” and my social media pages are littered with pictures of me in a MAGA hat. I am obviously, to anyone that meets me, a conservative. Despite how involved politics is in [...]

5 Lessons I Learned From My First Love

Ah, first love. It’s depicted as passionate, pure, world-shattering, and ever-so-naïve in movies, television shows, novels, and music. People say your first love changes the way you view yourself, relationships, and the world at large. Your first love is unforgettable; some people never get over it. I fell in love [...]

12 Date Night Ideas for 2019

When my boyfriend and I decide to do a date night, we often struggle with thinking of something to do than going out to eat. Check out the list below of fun date night ideas for each month going into 2019. January With it being cold, do a winery/brewery/distillery tour [...]

I Don’t Date Liberals, Here’s Why

I have many liberal friends. As a conservative at a large overwhelming liberal school, it’s inevitable. In fact, I love my liberal friends. Our contradictory views don’t affect our friendship whatsoever, but I would never date a liberal. When I tell people this, I’m usually met with surprise and contempt. [...]

How To Talk to Your Liberal Family Members This Election Season

As midterm elections rapidly approach, politics are becoming the preferred topic at every dinner, class and party across the country. It can be difficult to have these discussions with people who disagree with you, but it can be even harder when it’s a family member. Having constant arguments with a [...]

3 Ways To Help A Friend With An Eating Disorder

We live in a time in which, luckily, more and more people are talking about mental and physical health struggles and becoming allies to their friends and loved ones that are struggling. A lot of people don't know how to help friends struggling with mental health issues like depression, an [...]

4 Ways To Balance Ambitious Career Goals With Your Love Life

If you are reading this, it’s likely because you’re at a crossroad. Don’t worry, though, you aren’t alone. Many young professionals are in the process of applying 0r interviewing for job or internship opportunities this summer. Some are trying to decide which college or graduate school they want to attend. [...]

Want To Be The Best Secret Santa Ever? Do These 5 Things

It’s my favorite time of year: Secret Santa Time! I’ve always loved Secret Santa, whether I was an elementary school student picking out the new coloring book I thought my peers would love or a high school shopping for the perfect sweater that my Secret Santa would show off at [...]

5 Signs You Need To Let Go Of A Toxic Friendship

There comes a time in some friendships when you realize that you need to say goodbye. That’s just reality. Of course, it is never easy to lose someone who has played a pivotal role in your life. You deserve to put yourself first and stop letting others tear you down. [...]