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A Young Woman’s Guide To Professional Etiquette

In today’s job market, everyone is constantly battling it out for better education, better salary and the best work environment. One easy way to make sure you land the internship or job of your dreams is to have proper etiquette. Even if we aren’t usually dining with the President of [...]

7 Best Nude Nail Polishes

I love nude nail polishes, they are sleek, sophisticated and always professional! A good matte is my preferred choice for nails because they are guaranteed to be office-appropriate. A good nude matte is professional but also looks super chic, for an after-work, date, or a night on the town. I’ve [...]

7 Non Political FFL Items You Need Right Now

Many of those who work in the public sector are not permitted to display their political preferences in the work lace. I work at a state funded public university, and I am prohibited from showing any political preference in the workplace. Even though I have these limitations, I love FFL [...]

A Republican Woman’s Guide To Dressing For An Election Party

With the 2018 midterm election tomorrow, election party planning is in full swing. From everything from watch parties and candidate campaign parties. there are multiple different things to remember when dressing up for an election night party. Check out these tips and tricks to make sure you are dressed to [...]

A Conservative Woman’s Guide To Dressing For Success

In a world full of pantsuits and solid gray wardrobes, it can be intimidating to step outside the box. But adding a twist to your professional wardrobe, if tastefully done, can help you stand out in a good way. The four women on this list, aside from being incredibly successful, [...]

5 Best Stores To Expand Your Professional Wardrobe On A Budget

The world of professional dress code can be hard to navigate, especially if you’re on a budget. However, looking great at work and fitting your office’s unique culture shouldn’t have to cost your entire paycheck. Below are a list of some great places to shop for high quality professional clothing [...]

7 Patriotic Tattoos That Are Easy To Hide

Once upon a time tattoos were a rarity and almost considered a taboo in the corporate world. Luckily, we’ve since moved passed the tattoo controversy and they are much more widely accepted. However, many offices still expect them to be covered up for work and formal social events. This makes [...]

A Girl’s Guide To Dressing For Success While Campaigning

So you have signed-up to work with your campus’ College Republican chapter or found another way to work on a politician’s campaign. You are so excited. You're ready to jump in. However, you are struggling with trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear while performing tasks that you [...]

Your Ultimate Guide For Creating A Professional Capsule Wardrobe

Assembling a professional wardrobe can be time consuming and expensive. If you’re a young professional just stepping into the professional workforce, building your work wardrobe can be overwhelming. To get you started, begin by building a capsule wardrobe, which consists of a small arsenal of essential pieces. These pieces are [...]