Do you ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in? Wanting to get involved, but don’t know where to start? Wanting to make a difference, but not sure how? If so, we have some great opportunities for you! Future Female Leaders, or FFL, is America’s leading social movement for young, conservative women.  We create a sense of pride of what it is to be an empowered and informed conservative woman through our lifestyle website, our signature apparel and gifts, exciting conferences and events across the country, and our ambassador programs.  Our programs represent the network of strong, patriotic, positive, and ambitious young women that are passionate about changing the way women perceive current events and our political system.  This network of women believe there is nothing more empowering than being informed and involved in the direction of our country, that true independence is not needing the government to help them succeed, and that women care about much more than just a set of issues labeled “women’s issues.”


Cabinet Members are brand ambassadors and are involved in many facets of the FFL organization and community.  Cabinet Members get real life experience and learn career building skills in marketing, research, content creation, digital branding, communications, rapid response, social networking, networking, design, and outreach.  We accept Cabinet Member applications up to two times a year.    First round selected applicants will be notified via email after applications close.  Second and final round applicants will be notified via email after Skype interviews have concluded.


  • Consistently demonstrates the values and principles of the FFL organization on social media, on campus, and in everyday life.

  • Passionate about the mission and message of FFL

  • Routinely & systematically spread the FFL message, mission, and brand in an effective way.

  • Community involvement as a platform to further spread FFL’s message, mission and brand. (Ex. Women in Business, College Republicans, Greek Life, National, State, or Local Political Campaign etc.)AND/OR

  • Significant social media influence as a platform to further spread FFL’s message, mission and brand.

  • ATLEAST 18 years old at the time of application.

  • You do not need to be a student to apply 


  • Impact and  inspire young women to become more attuned to current events and our political system

  • Assist in getting conservative women involved, informed, and actively engaged in the political process

  • Have an individual and personalized discount code to the FFL website to share with friends, family, community, followers etc.

  • Connect with other Cabinet members, who are like-minded conservative women located throughout the country.

  • Opportunity to write columns for the FFL website

  • Opportunity to design future FFL apparel, gifts, and accessories

  • Earn extra cash by your contributions as a FFL Cabinet Member

  • Opportunity to attend conferences, conventions, and/or rallies to further support and spread FFL’s message, mission, and brand.

    “I applied to the Future Female Leader Cabinet with the hopes of being an ambassador for a company that helped young conservative women find their voice. I was lucky enough to be chosen to a cabinet member and I had no idea what to expect. What I found though was that I was helping young women figure out where they stand and how to articulate the message while also gaining a group of girls as my family. Everyone was immediately welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. Future Female Leaders has opened so many doors for me and I’m forever an FFL fan girl even though I’m a part of the team. FFL is family and I hope that you join us!” – Caroline Craig, Cabinet Member

    “I sought out the FFL Cabinet because being a conservative at Yale can be an extremely lonely life, and the FFL Cabinet offered me the opportunity to not only meet other young conservative women who are dedicated to building each other but also gave me the chance to write for an audience who would be receptive to conservative ideals and value free speech. Without the FFL Cabinet and their support, I wouldn’t be as proud and loud of a conservative as I am today.”Aryssa Damron, Cabinet Member

    “I was initially attracted to the Future Female Leaders organization because they are a voice for conservative young women. I wanted to become more politically aware and active, and I could tell that FFL was a great place to start. Being a part of the FFL Cabinet Program has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded young conservative women from all over the United States. Connecting with these women has inspired me to be vocal and confident in my beliefs, and has provided me with numerous outlets for sharing my views. I believe that as a part of the Future Female Leaders organization I am a part of something bigger than myself, and I am so excited to be a part of FFL as it grows and reaches more people.”Hayden Lee, Cabinet Member