Do you ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in? Wanting to get involved, but don’t know where to start? Wanting to make a difference, but not sure how? If so, we have some great opportunities for you! Future Female Leaders, or FFL, is America’s leading social movement for young, conservative women.  We create a sense of confidence of what it is to be an empowered and informed conservative woman through our lifestyle website, our signature apparel and gifts, exciting conferences and events across the country, and our ambassador programs.  Our programs represent the network of passionate, patriotic, and positive young women that are passionate about changing the way women perceive current events and our political system.  This network of women believe there is nothing more empowering than being informed and involved in the direction of our country, that true independence is not needing the government to help them succeed, and that women care about much more than just a set of issues labeled “women’s issues.”