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7 Simple Ways To Be More Sustainable Every Day

One of my least favorite lies floating out there in the ether is that conservatives don’t care about the environment. That’s just not true. I know there are things I could do every day to be a more sustainable person, but I’m definitely making consistent strides to decreasing my carbon [...]

The 5 Most Nail-Biting Governor’s Race of 2018

2018 is obviously a huge midterm election year. Every member of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are up for election. However, there are also 36 Governor's Mansions up for grabs. That's thirty six states having gubernatorial races, and some of them are getting testy. Of [...]

20 Elephant Items For The Thriving Republican Woman

Republicans flock to elephant items like babies to shiny objects.Maybe it's a way to show pride, maybe we've been indoctrinated, or maybe elephants of all kind, not just overtly political, are a way to signal to other Republicans that we're like them. Luckily for us, elephants are all the design [...]

7 Items Every Coffee Addict Needs Right Now

Being addicted to coffee is an absolute lifestyle. For me, it started with Starbucks. While I know many of my fellow coffee lovers are coffee snobs, I'm more of a coffee connoisseur and like to live the lifestyle as frequently as I can. That means a lot of bells and [...]

PODCAST REVIEW: Conservative Book Club

If you’re a burgeoning young politico who loves devouring the latest political memoirs and policy books, then I have the podcast for you. Conservative Book Club has existed as a news and book content website for years, offering interviews with some of the top conservative authors. Now, they’ve got aural [...]

3 Ways To Help A Friend With An Eating Disorder

We live in a time in which, luckily, more and more people are talking about mental and physical health struggles and becoming allies to their friends and loved ones that are struggling. A lot of people don't know how to help friends struggling with mental health issues like depression, an [...]

9 Things You Should Know About Israel

Israel is in the news pretty regularly, especially under the Trump administration that seems to be more pro-Israel than previous administrations and with all the corruption and bribery charges popping up in Tel Aviv. While people have a lot of political opinions about Israel, it’s pretty clear that many of those same people [...]

Meet Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Pick For SCOTUS

And the rose goes to...Brett Kavanaugh In a prime time broadcast to the nation, President Donald Trump announced his second nominee for the Supreme Court in his term, Brett Kavanaugh. If confirmed, Kavanaugh will be the replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his retirement from the highest court on [...]