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The Conservative Case for Indigenous Peoples Day

For years, school children have grown up learning that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Most elementary schoolers remember having to learn the names of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, and learned the history of Columbus and his men arriving in America. Most Americans don’t [...]

How To Talk to Your Liberal Family Members This Election Season

As midterm elections rapidly approach, politics are becoming the preferred topic at every dinner, class and party across the country. It can be difficult to have these discussions with people who disagree with you, but it can be even harder when it’s a family member. Having constant arguments with a [...]

13 Young Women Share Why They Want To #ConfirmKavanaugh

This week marked the beginning of the Senate Confirmation Hearings for the Supreme Court seat, previously held by Justice Anthony Kennedy. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump in early July 2018 for the seat. The last step before he can take the seat is to be confirmed by [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Your Planner This Year

It’s a tale as old as time: your new planner arrives in the mail in July and you start filling it out immediately. This year, your plan is to never miss a homework assignment or forget about a meeting. Then Fall Break rolls around and you realize you’ve barely touched [...]

13 Patriotic Ways to Celebrate America This Fourth of July

Take a trip to see the original documents Our country was founded on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. At the National Archives in Washington DC you can see the real, original copies of all three. Volunteer at your neighborhood fair KATHARINE SCHROEDER FILE [...]

The Ultimate Fourth Of July Playlist

So you have the food, the outfit, the firecrackers and the grill is getting fired up but you’re still missing one thing: the perfect Fourth of July playlist! Here are the best patriotic songs to help you set the tone this July Fourth. Songs that are 100% All-American: Born in [...]

12 Of The Most Colorful And Inspiring Kate Spade Quotes

NOTE: All graphics used in this article are original creations by the author Last week, the world lost one of our most beloved designers. A woman who most of us remember for designing our first grown up handbag. Kate Spade left the world through a tragic suicide.  We will miss [...]

7 Patriotic Tattoos That Are Easy To Hide

Once upon a time tattoos were a rarity and almost considered a taboo in the corporate world. Luckily, we’ve since moved passed the tattoo controversy and they are much more widely accepted. However, many offices still expect them to be covered up for work and formal social events. This makes [...]