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7 Ways To Conduct A Successful Job Search

I never truly thought the day would come that I would receive my college degree and step into the full-time job world. It’s overwhelming, exciting and overall a mixed bag of emotions and hardships. Job searching can be stressful, but in the end, determines a large portion of your life. [...]

5 Ways For Female Leaders To Strengthen Their Leadership Skills

For career women, solid leadership skills are vital in all situations. Whether you hold a leadership position on campus or are a full-time employee, others respect those who know what they’re doing. Here are five ways for female leaders to improve their everyday leadership skills. Push fresh ideas It’s easy [...]

5 Uncommon Pieces of Advice For Summer Interns

There are many articles floating around the internet about what interns should and shouldn’t do. Admittedly, these articles only helped me so much before plunging into my first internship in Washington, D.C in 2016. There are no articles in the world that will tell you exactly what you need to [...]

7 Ways To Continue Building Your Resume This Semester

While many wait for summers to build their resumes, the truth is that you can build your resume all year long. School semesters are already busy, however, by working toward your career at the same time, you will get to where you want to be faster. Here are seven ways [...]

Feeling Lost In Your Career Path? Do These 5 Things

As women, we should always go after what we want in our careers with full force. However, this can be extremely difficult when it becomes unclear where we’re headed. It is not abnormal to be confused as to what we want in life. Whether you’re in school, a recent graduate, [...]

5 Reasons To Get A Part-Time Job While In School

Some fear the idea of having a part-time job while in high school or college. Whether it's in the food industry or retail, working a job that isn't necessarily directly linked to your career is actually very helpful in the long-run for several reasons. Here are five reasons to consider [...]

5 Difficult Work Situations And How To Deal With Them

It's not abnormal to have issues in the work place, but it’s vital to understand how to confront and overcome them. Here are five common work place situations and how best to deal with them.  Not being heard Do you feel like you are bringing up great ideas at work, [...]

6 Commandments Of Building A Resume

Building a resume, especially at a young age, can be extremely difficult. Having an impressive resume is one of the essentials to get the positions you want. Follow these six tips to create your a great resume. 1) Keep it to one page Even if your accomplishments extend [...]

7 Habits To Adopt To Stand Out As An Intern

We all know that internships are great resume-builders, but it’s equally as important to build successful relationships with those that you work with. This means going above and beyond other interns to make a lasting impression. You will see this pay off when it comes to requesting letters of recommendation, [...]

A College Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Attending college is expensive enough. From purchasing books, supplies, housing, and everything else that comes with it, adding in a grocery budget can be extremely difficult. Believe it or not, there is a way for grocery shopping to be both healthy and affordable. Here is a college girl’s perfect guide [...]

5 Women Of The Past Who Women Can Thank Today

Today, women in America have the freedom to live the life we choose. This liberty did not come without the hard work and sacrifice of countless women who fought for our equal rights. Here are just five of many women who women today have to thank. 1) Susan [...]

10 Things Women Can Do To Be Successful Leaders

Women like Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul fought for women today to be virtually whatever we want to be in life. We live in an age of empowerment and should take full advantage of the freedom to be leaders in today’s society. Here are 10 ways to do this. [...]

10 Things To Do Before Leaving An Internship

Internships are a vital part of figuring out what kind of career you want. You’ll be working hard during your time here and want to make sure to leave on the best note possible. There are things you should always make sure to do before leaving, no matter what type [...]