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Let’s Not Forget About The Women Behind Bars

Something that we don’t think about enough are the people held behind bars in America. Our initial thought, and frankly, the most practical thought, is that they’ve done something bad, so they must go to jail. While that is true, as the old saying goes, “you do the crime, you [...]

4 Ways The Obama Administration Has Failed The American People

For those of you who praise President Obama, let me say this. He was and is a great man, extraordinary speaker, sweet husband, wonderful father, and probably a marvelous friend. He picked one of the strongest men in politics and for that matter, throughout life, to be his Vice-President. Joe [...]

9 Holiday Dates To Go On That Won’t Break The Bank

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be expensive at times.  You both want to do so many things and go so many different places that it all adds up and can cost a bundle. Christmas is even worse because there are so many more opportunities and festive places to go that can [...]

Scripture Sunday | Luke 5:18-20

"I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. 19 I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants." If this passage seems familiar to you, it’s [...]

27 Patriotic Pickup Lines For The Fourth Of July

1. I must be Uncle Sam, because I want you. 2. Don't worry if you're only wearing stripes because I'll make you see stars tonight. 3. Between 1 and America, how free are you tonight? 4. Food, Family, Fourth of July, and Fireworks. The four best F words ever! 5. [...]

Scripture Sunday | Romans 13:7

It’s hard at times to remember that God is in everything, even in politics. This is directed to women and men like me who are immersed into the scene and lifestyle of politics. Politics, politics, politics. I love listening to the news, debating with people in the office who I [...]

Scripture Sunday | Joshua 1:9

The sphere of government, current events, politics, history, and activism spins fast and is oftentimes blurry. Tensions rise, tempers are tested. It’s easy to get caught up in insignificant worries or debates and to lose focus on what matters. While we know this won’t apply to everyone, we’d like to [...]

The Reason I Will Always Remember June 7, 2016

 June 7, 2016 is a day I will never forget because it’s the day I never thought would become a  reality. America is a great country that is not afraid to adapt to increasingly modern times or to take on another role if something is outdated. That being said, America [...]

If You Question These 6 Things, Break Up With Him

There is no denying that a relationship can be difficult. It is even harder, though, when you constantly question how genuine it is. If you ask yourself these 6 questions, it might be time to let go of your relationship and move on. 1. “Why does he not care about [...]

7 Reasons Why Conservative Ladies Love Paul Ryan

As the 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, it is undeniable that Paul Ryan holds a great amount of power and influence. Despite the important role that Ryan plays in American government, he is also extremely down to earth and charming. There are 7 specific reasons why us conservative [...]