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Texas House Bill to Lengthen Time to Report Childhood Sexual Abuse

Texas House Bill 3809, from Representative Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth) would double the the statute of limitations for childhood sexual assault survivors from 15 years after their 18th birthday to 30 years after their 18th birthday. The bill was unanimously approved by the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee. It is [...]

10 Best Summer Date Night Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it is time to relax and hopefully spend some more time with your significant other. With your new found and limited free time, it is best to make the most of it with your significant other before fall comes. Here are 10 best date [...]

A Busy Girl’s Guide To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

We all have busy and stressful lives, and sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our health should be a major priority in all of our lives, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when trying to make healthy changes to your life. I have found [...]

8 Things To Know Before Being A Bridesmaid

It is such an honor for a friend to ask you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. When asked to be a bridesmaid, it signifies that you have played a pivotal role in the bride's life that she would like you to stand next to her as she marries [...]

7 Non Political FFL Items You Need Right Now

Many of those who work in the public sector are not permitted to display their political preferences in the work lace. I work at a state funded public university, and I am prohibited from showing any political preference in the workplace. Even though I have these limitations, I love FFL [...]

Why Texas Is Dominating The United States Economy

Texas has the 10th best economy in the World and beats our lovely neighbor, Canada, in terms of GDP. One of the core reasons in which a state that has wide open spaces yet thriving urban areas is because of freedom. Freedom to keep your hard earned dollars in your [...]

6 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Day

When life gets crazy and things don’t go exactly right, it is so easy to have a negative attitude. In these moments, we often fail to realize is that we are blessed beyond measure. We often fail to realize the blessings that are always present in lives, like the ability [...]

12 Date Night Ideas for 2019

When my boyfriend and I decide to do a date night, we often struggle with thinking of something to do than going out to eat. Check out the list below of fun date night ideas for each month going into 2019. January With it being cold, do a winery/brewery/distillery tour [...]

20 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions. However, most of the time when people make resolutions, they are not realistic. Because of this, people typically do not follow through with their resolutions. Small life changes are easier than big changes life, and can lead to bigger life [...]

4 Lessons We Can Learn From President George HW Bush

In light of President George H. W. Bush's passing, it is time reflect on some valuable lessons all should apply to their personal and professional lives. President George H.W. Bush is known around the world of how he treated all people, and not just to those who supported him. In [...]

4 Golden Rules Of Self Care

As strong women, we often try to be everything to everyone everyday. Unfortunately, this is not possible without running yourself into the ground. Each one of us, regardless of our situation, is trying to succeed in every way possible in our lives, but we often forget to take care of [...]

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Getting Your First Dog

Having a dog is a major responsibility that should not be entered into lightly. Before getting a dog, you should ask yourself if you are ready to take on this responsibility and know somewhat what you are getting yourself into. Here's a few things you should know before getting your [...]