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A Conservative Response To Big Tech’s Censorship

Political commentator Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report recently sat down with economist Eric Weinstein for a dialogue on the future of the intellectual dark web. Immediately, one is drawn in to the exciting discussion across party lines, both belonging to entirely different schools of thought. They highlight the importance [...]

Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deenan Will Change Your Life

Professor Patrick Deenan of the University of Notre Dame published Why Liberalism Failed earlier this year. The title surely strikes its audience, but even more so, Deenan’s work provides a framework for critiquing the current state of political affairs. He does this by providing an analysis of American political history [...]

5 Female Fitness Myths Debunked

I was recently in the gym, squatting like so, when a man approached me and said, “Wow, you are really part of the boy’s club now!” Knock knock. Reality check. Personal fitness is an affiliate for women, too, if not a friend. This friend should be there to inspire us, [...]

3 Reasons You Should Be Caring About Healthcare

Personal health is more than just a personal problem. It is a national security concern that collaborates with ethical complications for limited government and principles of compromise. It is so simple to neglect our personal health in our world of omnipotent technology, entertainment, and outright busyness. Excuses, however, are as [...]

Rise and Shine: 4 Ways To Become A Morning Person

What happened to the phrase ‘rise and shine?’ Nobody shines anymore since we are plagued with inefficiency. Social media, procrastination, and blatantly inefficient habits keep us all awake at night later than we are comfortable admitting. It seems that essentially everyone deems themselves as a night owl, but I challenge [...]

They Told Me I’m ‘Too Conservative’

Has anyone ever told you that you are ‘too conservative?’ For anyone who is an outspoken campus conservative, you can relate when I say that it is not always easy. It can seem as if socializing is a difficult road to navigate, walking on eggshells around our peers. Sometimes where [...]