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Ladies, We Must Demand More Of Men

Recently, controversy has been brewing in conservative circles on social media concerning the #MeToo movement. Emotions are certainly running high on both ends of the debate; the issue has garnered much attention. However, this article is not meant to be an attack on those who have made questionable comments. Instead, [...]

A Thank You to My Liberal Professor

When I received the syllabus for my “Ethics in the Media” course this semester, I was intrigued. Plastered on the front was a large picture of Harvey Weinstein - one of the men accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood and a catalyst for the #MeToo movement. Further down, the professor [...]

United States Launches Air Strikes Following Syria Chemical Attack

Last night, the United States military launched a series of targeted strikes against Syrian chemical weapon facilities. The United States, United Kingdom, and France joined forces to make the threats of military action against the Assad regime a reality after a week of deliberation and gathering intelligence. This military action [...]

What’s Happening in Syria? Let’s Break It Down

For upwards of seven years, the country of Syria has been entangled in a civil war. It has claimed the lives of thousands of citizens and left millions displaced. The heartbreaking situation has been in and out of the news cycle over the years. Many seem to have resigned themselves [...]

Scripture Sunday: Ephesians 2:8-9

If you ask the average American Christian the way to get to heaven, most will respond with some variation of living “good lives” or being “good people.” That is the typical cultural mindset. Since the majority of Americans aren’t murderers or anything of the sort, most feel that they are [...]

5 Essential Practices For The Christian College Student

As Christian college students, we can sometimes feel out of place on our campuses. This, of course, should not be a surprise, as we are called to be set apart for His purposes rather than the world’s. Let’s be honest, it is definitely not always easy to stand firm as [...]

7 Bible Verses To Live By In 2018

As we step into 2018, the host of resolutions and goals will follow. For Christians setting spiritual goals, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start in setting these goals. It is best to go back to the guidebook, the Bible, in order to begin this resolution-setting process. [...]

Scripture Sunday: The Christmas Story in Philippians 2:6-11

Amidst the busyness of your Christmas preparations, there will certainly be constant calls to remember “the reason for the season.” These calls are absolutely right and justified, although I fear that they’ve become so frequent that we become callous to the truth within the cries to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” [...]