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How To Improve The Pro-Life Movement, From A Pro-Lifer

With the recent news about abortion bills in Georgia and Alabama, the pro-life movement has been at the forefront of national conversation and criticism. Misinformation has spread like wildfire, and people are upset. As the conversation begins to escalate, here are four tips for pro-lifers, spoken from a pro-lifer, that [...]

Opposing Late-Term Abortion Is Not About Trust. It’s About Facts.

Democrat and 2020 contender for president Beto O’Rourke would not decry late-term abortion in a campaign event on Monday. His language, while unclear, made his stance apparent: life in the womb is not deserving of defense at any stage. O’Rourke deflected the initial question. He turned a question about morality [...]

The Left Is Gaslighting Us

Freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar has dominated the news cycle for the last several weeks for a string of anti-Semitic comments. After calls for House leadership to condemn her comments, a response came on Thursday. Just not in the way most intended. Not even some Democrats. Yesterday, the House orchestrated a [...]

5 Conservative Moms You Should Be Following On Twitter

Conservative women can point to a host of ladies whom they find to be inspirations in their ideology and activism. Many of them are journalists, commentators, elected officials - as well as mothers. While some people discount or trivialize the idea of motherhood, the reality is that motherhood is a [...]

The Case for Paying Interns

Internships, while always a hot topic for college students, has risen to prominence in the news cycle as of late. In early 2018, the Department of Labor changed their policy surrounding unpaid internships in for-profit companies. More recently, congressional funds were set aside for the 2019 fiscal year to allow [...]

Ladies, We Must Demand More Of Men

Recently, controversy has been brewing in conservative circles on social media concerning the #MeToo movement. Emotions are certainly running high on both ends of the debate; the issue has garnered much attention. However, this article is not meant to be an attack on those who have made questionable comments. Instead, [...]

A Thank You to My Liberal Professor

When I received the syllabus for my “Ethics in the Media” course this semester, I was intrigued. Plastered on the front was a large picture of Harvey Weinstein - one of the men accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood and a catalyst for the #MeToo movement. Further down, the professor [...]

United States Launches Air Strikes Following Syria Chemical Attack

Last night, the United States military launched a series of targeted strikes against Syrian chemical weapon facilities. The United States, United Kingdom, and France joined forces to make the threats of military action against the Assad regime a reality after a week of deliberation and gathering intelligence. This military action [...]