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The Easiest Lie To Tell

My dad has given me a lot of advice throughout my life. Like most girls growing up, I didn’t listen to as much of it as I probably should have. But one thing he told me that has stuck with me is that the easiest lie to tell someone is [...]

What The Bible Says About Immigration

I would like to preface this by saying that I don’t usually like using the Bible to justify my political opinions. But as a Christian, it’s important to me that I can reconcile these opinions with my faith. As a conservative, this usually isn’t difficult. There is however one area [...]

How Conservatives Can Win The Culture War

It’s no secret that conservatism is not popular among younger generations. If you attend pretty much any college in the US, this fact is painfully clear to you.  Part of the reason for this is simply that liberalism seems cooler. It appeals more to the younger generation, the future lawyers, [...]

Progressive Feminists, Republican Women Are Not Your Enemy

Dear progressive feminists, You claim that I must be voting Republican because I am ignorant and blind to the harm that Republican leaders and their policies cause women; that I have been brainwashed into voting against myself and my sisters and that only by falling in line behind you and [...]

I Don’t Date Liberals, Here’s Why

I have many liberal friends. As a conservative at a large overwhelming liberal school, it’s inevitable. In fact, I love my liberal friends. Our contradictory views don’t affect our friendship whatsoever, but I would never date a liberal. When I tell people this, I’m usually met with surprise and contempt. [...]

A Conservative Woman’s Guide To Dressing For Success

In a world full of pantsuits and solid gray wardrobes, it can be intimidating to step outside the box. But adding a twist to your professional wardrobe, if tastefully done, can help you stand out in a good way. The four women on this list, aside from being incredibly successful, [...]