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3 Ways to Take Back Your Sundays

I've spent a lot of 2019 studying productivity and happiness in an effort to be happy, to feel less busy, and to use the time I have most effectively. I cannot recommend books by Laura Vanderkam enough for this endeavor. I've read everything she's written so far, and I've listened [...]

6 Summer Beach Reads You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Summer is a really special time for reading. It's when many people find the time to actually read. Publishers put out the kind of content people want to read while they're lounging around on vacation. These books are beach reads of two kinds: they either sell you a tantalizing thriller [...]

How To Be Confident Going Places Alone

In a podcast Facebook group I’m in, a fellow member asked a question about going places alone, because she felt awkward about being by herself, for fear of being judged, and also for safety reasons. Inspired by this,  I want to share my experiences of eating at restaurants alone, going [...]

5 Ted Talks About Happiness You Need to Watch

Who doesn't want to be happier? To get more out of the day? To cry less, feel alone less, enjoy the world less? It can be hard to think about happiness sometimes because it's such an abstract concept. What makes me happy may not make you happy, and vice versa. However, in recent [...]

10 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She’s 21

Adulthood can seem like a foreign concept sometimes, but I like to think some of us are slowly figuring it out. Along the way,  you acquire a LOT of things, but it becomes abundantly clear what you need, what you don't need, and what is an essential for adulthood. The [...]

A Busy Girl’s Guide To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

We all have busy and stressful lives, and sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our health should be a major priority in all of our lives, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when trying to make healthy changes to your life. I have found [...]

5 Ted Talks About Leadership Every Future Female Leader Should Watch

We can all work to become better leaders, even if we aren't currently CEOs and presidents of major corporations. Whether you're student council president, leading a campus club, the leader of your household, or on a career path that involves leadership opportunities, you can benefit from thinking critically about leadership--how [...]

8 Things To Know Before Being A Bridesmaid

It is such an honor for a friend to ask you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. When asked to be a bridesmaid, it signifies that you have played a pivotal role in the bride's life that she would like you to stand next to her as she marries [...]

10 Things To Let Go Of During Spring Cleaning

Overwhelmed and overworked? As conservative, college women, this is often our regular routine. We have deserved a relaxing spring break, especially before summer begins and we rock our summer internships in D.C. Take this time to organize your belongings and focus on things that matter. We can easily forget that [...]

7 Things Every Bride Wants You To Know

Tis the season - the wedding season that is! It’s about that time of year to start gearing up for the spring and summer weddings ahead. There are bridal showers to attend, gifts to select, and hotels to book. There’s a unique season of life that everyone faces - somewhere [...]

7 Inspiring Role Models All Women Can Look Up To

Every year, brilliant women make meaningful contributions to society and change the world. Whether they start their own non-profit organization or use their Hollywood fame to advocate for social change, these women know how to set an example for future generations. Here are 7 outstanding women who we can all [...]

10 Best Conservative Names For Dogs

So you’ve recently made the decision to adopt or shop for a brand new family member. Now that the cute little pup is running around your home, the most pressing issue is upon you. What do you name the sweet little guy or girl? No need to worry. FFL is [...]