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A Thank You to My Liberal Professor

When I received the syllabus for my “Ethics in the Media” course this semester, I was intrigued. Plastered on the front was a large picture of Harvey Weinstein - one of the men accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood and a catalyst for the #MeToo movement. Further down, the professor [...]

17 Must Read Political Books Coming Out This Summer

Who doesn’t love a good summer beach read? Politicos, sometimes, but with all the great political books coming out this summer, between May and August, there is something for everyone. Books by Sean Spicer, Jeanine Pirro, Bret Baier, and more, along with books about Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and General [...]

NAFTA: What It Is And Why Everyone Is Talking About It

Recently NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, has reemerged in the news as a controversial agreement for the United States. With increased rhetoric and questions surrounding the legitimacy of the document, it is important to understand the foundational aspects of the agreement, and the role of the United [...]

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Passes Away At Age 92

Former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush has passed away on April 17, 2018 according to an official statement from The Office of George H.W. Bush.   Statement by the Office of @GeorgeHWBush on the passing of Barbara Pierce Bush this evening at the age of 92. — Jim McGrath [...]

4 Things To Know Before Writing An Interview-Based Article

One of the ways I’ve supplemented my income and gotten some much-needed experience in college is by free-lance writing. Since my university does not offer formal journalism courses, I’ve had to learn a lot about writing nonfiction and journalism on my own and from experience. Writing is writing for the [...]

15 Of The Most Bizarre Headlines… So Far

2018 has been a long year, and it’s not even halfway over. The news cycle is constantly turning over, and headlines are absolutely non-stop. That said, there have been some extremely bizarre reports both on television and in print that almost sound as if they were put together with some [...]

5 TED Talks Every Young Politico Needs To Watch

TED conferences are described as the free distribution of “Ideas worth spreading.” TED talks consist of monologues or speeches in which the speaker contributes their experiences within the social, cultural, or academic spheres. As young politicos and intellectuals, it’s important that we continue to learn about different lifestyles, absorb information, [...]

United States Launches Air Strikes Following Syria Chemical Attack

Last night, the United States military launched a series of targeted strikes against Syrian chemical weapon facilities. The United States, United Kingdom, and France joined forces to make the threats of military action against the Assad regime a reality after a week of deliberation and gathering intelligence. This military action [...]

What’s Happening in Syria? Let’s Break It Down

For upwards of seven years, the country of Syria has been entangled in a civil war. It has claimed the lives of thousands of citizens and left millions displaced. The heartbreaking situation has been in and out of the news cycle over the years. Many seem to have resigned themselves [...]

A Girl’s Guide To Dressing For Success While Campaigning

So you have signed-up to work with your campus’ College Republican chapter or found another way to work on a politician’s campaign. You are so excited. You're ready to jump in. However, you are struggling with trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear while performing tasks that you [...]

Yes, You Can Be Pro-Gun AND Pro-Life

In the spirit of the recent rise in popularity of gun control, I have been nose-deep in a vast amount of debates with many different viewpoints surrounding the Second Amendment for several weeks. The climate has been heated. My conservative stance makes me less-than-favorable to those with elevated emotions on [...]

How to Have Compassion In An Era Of Political Polarization

It seems that everything is divisive nowadays - everything. From music to movies to football, nothing remains apolitical. The politics in this country become more hate-filled and polarizing each day. The opposite ends of the political spectrum loathe each other and silence the reasoned moderates who don’t. This day-in, day-out [...]