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5 Young Women Share What Empowers Them As Conservative Women

This Women’s History Month, FFL celebrating women and continuing on our mission to empower and encourage young conservative women to live their best life and be confident in their political ideology. What makes a woman empowered is different from woman to woman.  We wanted to hear from our readers on what [...]

Being Pro-Second Amendment Is Being Pro-Woman – And These Five Women Prove It

On Friday, a panel titled “Armed and Fabulous: The New Normal” graced the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stage. Moderated by editor, Katie Pavlich, the panel featured fellow Second Amendment advocates Antonia Okafor, Kimberly Corban, Kristi McMains and Ashlee Lundvall. The panel demonstrated that there is a diverse range [...]

Megyn Kelly To Leave Fox News, Join NBC

According to a report by the New York Times, Megyn Kelly will be leaving Fox News Channel sometime in 2017 to join NBC News. Kelly, who currently anchors The Kelly File on weekday evenings, was lured to NBC by the network’s chairman, Andrew Lack. The Times further reports that Megyn [...]

Humanity Over Politics, A Concept We Often Forget

This morning, I sat in a crowded church in my hometown. One amongst many believers. My pastor preached his sermon and I, as usual, was completely immersed in his words, his movement, and his passion. While every week he seems to teach the Gospel in a new and exciting way, [...]

10 Strangest Quotes From The First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle was one for the books. For just over an hour and a half, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton quarreled back and forth about everything from race relations to jobs to national security. While many critiqued the debate [...]

5 Things We Loved About Ivanka Trump’s RNC Speech

On the fourth and final night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump took the stage to introduce her father, Donald J. Trump, as he prepared to accept the GOP nomination. Ivanka’s class and elegance lit up Quicken Loans Arena while she spoke highly about the man that raised [...]

20 Best Quotes From The 3rd Day Of The Republican National Convention

Day three of the Republican National Convention was filled with political superstars from Governor Scott Walker to Senator Ted Cruz to radio talk host Laura Ingraham. While full-length speeches can be found on the GOP Convention Youtube channel, we break down the 20 most memorable and noteworthy quotes for you: [...]

Never Trump Dies on Convention Floor

The Republican National Convention kicked off with a little bit of chaos as calls for a roll call vote on a rules measure that would allow delegates to be unbound rocked the Quicken Loans arena. When the chairman made his announcement that the roll call vote would not be held, a lot of people weren't happy. But that's not all.

5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Woman In Politics

All of us young women involved in the political arena tend to sit back and admire the Megyn Kelly’s of the world. We wonder how they got there and how we can potentially do the same. The world of politics can be cutthroat and harsh, but there are ways to [...]