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The 7 Best West Wing Episodes Of All Time

Presidents’ Day is a great holiday to celebrate the presidents who have led our country to greatness through its vibrant history, no matter what political party or length of service. Luckily for most of us, Presidents’ Day is also a day off from school or work. It makes it the [...]

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Transferring Colleges

College is a time that is meant for discovering so many things. Discovering who we are, discovering new friends, discovering new experiences, and discovering what path we want to take for the rest of our lives. When wide eyed seniors are choosing their home for the next four years, they [...]

How To Be Objective In A Subjective Age

Since the advent of social media as a major source of news, questions as to how to be certain of reliable content have plagued American readers. Furthermore, those questions reached a higher frequency with the renewed focus on “fake news” from political pundits following the shocking results of the 2016 [...]

Please Keep Your Politics Out Of My Sports

Every year, Americans gather together in homes across the country, eat greasy food, and drink plenty of beer to celebrate the pinnacle of football: the Super Bowl. Similarly, every year there are a few major stories during Super Bowl week. For example, in 2015, the major stories were Marshawn Lynch’s [...]

Now More Than Ever, Young Conservatives Need To Get Along

Alright conservatives, here’s the thing: we need to start getting along. It was a contentious election cycle from start to finish, with Donald Trump’s shocking primary victory throwing the Republican Party into ideological chaos in many circles. A very dedicated “Never Trump” faction of the party arose early on in [...]

What Happens To The Affordable Care Act Under A President Trump?

When there is a transfer of power, especially presidential power, from one party to another in the United States, the first questions generally revolve around what the new president or controlling party will do about the laws, reforms, and regulations passed by the previous president or party. These questions are [...]

To The Girl Just Starting Her Political Activism Journey

A little over a year ago today, I was just like you. Sure, I always believed in conservative principles.  I followed Republican politics for as long as I could remember, but I wasn’t fully involved in political activism. I pretty much watched Fox News and shared my views with anyone who [...]

GIFT GUIDE: 8 Christmas Gifts For Your Republican Boyfriend

Christmas is quickly approaching, and the hardest person on your list to buy for just might be your Republican boyfriend. No matter how much time you spend together or how much you know about him, figuring out the perfect gift can always be a challenge. Don’t worry, we have you covered [...]

GIFT GUIDE: 8 Christmas Gifts For The Republican Girl

The fall semester has flown by, and before we know it, Christmas break will be here. For those of us who are juggling final exams, final papers, and getting the last of our Christmas shopping finished up, figuring out the best gifts for our friends and family can be a [...]

8 Bible Verses For The Stressed College Girl

Being a college student isn’t easy, especially around midterms and finals. Between clubs, schoolwork, work, friends, and political activism, it’s always a whirlwind for the future female leaders of the world. Luckily, there’s a treasure trove of calming quotes to be found in the Bible for the girl who needs [...]

10 Inspiring Quotes From Our Founding Fathers

America’s Founding Fathers did not only shape America into what it is today, form a truly exceptional democracy, and create a system of government that has been a force of stability in the world for over 200 years; they provided us with everlasting tidbits of wisdom and insight on life [...]