I doubt that First Lady Melania Trump thought that she would one day be the First Lady of the United States when she first visited the US. She has an interesting life story, and she started and worked her way up in the modeling world at a young age. Here are 10 facts about the First Lady that you likely did not know before.

1. Melania Trump is only the second First Lady to be born outside of the United States as she was born in Slovenia, which was a communist country when she was born.

2. She can speak 6 languages; English, French, German, Italian, Serbian and Slovenian. She is the first First Lady whose first language is not English.

3. She is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, the same height of former First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama. 

4. Mrs. Trump is the second First Lady to ever be a practicing Catholic with former First Lady Jackie Kennedy being the first. She grew up as Roman Catholic, and is passionate about her religious beliefs.

5. She is an avid philanthropist, and has served as an ambassador for the American Red Cross and as a member of the American Police League. 

6. Melania Trump does not have a nanny, and takes pride in being the primary care giver for Baron. 

7. In addition to being a wife and mom, she was previously a very successful business owner. She is truly a great example that women can have it all; a family, a social life and a career.

8. Her closest friends and family know that she is quite the homebody. She is often leaving events early to go home, and even when she was modeling in New York City, she did not participate much in the NYC party scene. 

9. When she married President Trump in 2005, former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton attended their wedding. Little did they know at the time that their friendship would end a decade later because of politics.

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10. Her favorite TV show is How To Get Away with Murder, which was unfortunately just cancelled.

Kallie B
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