The media and the left love to show their disdain for Trump supporters. They can’t imagine why anyone would vote for Donald Trump. What the coastal elites and political insiders still don’t get after four years is that all across America, many finally feel heard. If you push past the media noise and hysteria, you will find that there are many concrete reasons why Americans voted and will vote again for Trump. We asked 21 women to share why they are voting for Donald Trump in November. This is what they revealed.

Name: Briana

State: California

Age: 28

“I’m voting for Trump because he’s been the most pro-life president we’ve had, and because he fixed the economy before COVID-19 and I fully believe that he’ll fix it again.”

Name: Olivia

State: Arizona

Age: 25

“Donald Trump is the only president in recent history who actually kept his promises. He’s done more for America in his presidency than lifelong politicians have. Socialism will ruin America, and he’s the only one who can prevent it. He works for us, not himself and it’s evident that he cares for the country.”

Name: Courtney

State: North Carolina

Age: 23

“I am voting for Trump because I think he has done a great job during his term. Though I am technically an independent voter, I consider myself a Republican. My views are conservative and Trump supports those views. For example, I am a young married women, who supports traditional family/Christian values. I feel as though Trump and the Republican Party support these views. I am a part of the silent majority, especially among young voters.”

Name: Hailey

State: Alaska

Age: 22

“I am voting for Trump because for the first time in 2016 and ever since that election, he has emboldened the rural (and urban) conservatives to stand up to corruption of Washington D.C. elites. For the first time in decades we have the backing of a President who is not kowtowing to special interest groups or politicians out for their own gain.”

Name: Mickey

State: New Jersey

Age: 21

“Most importantly, I am voting for President Trump because he is the most pro-life President we have ever had. Additionally, he stands for law and order, traditional American values, and the common person. He gave up a comfortable life to be our President; this says a lot about the man he is.”

Name: Caroline

State: Florida

Age: 22

“I do not agree with President Trump on everything, but I am voting for him again because he is the only candidate who will keep our borders secure, protect the right to life, and ensure that our Second Amendment right is not infringed on. These three issues are extremely important to me.”

Name: Candace

State: North Carolina

Age: 31

“I truly believe he loves America and wants us to be great as opposed to the Democrats hating America and watching it burn. He wants to help the middle class and I feel like my family is safer with him as president. I agree with so many of his policies, his support for the pro life movement, his tax cuts, and just making America great. I also feel like he has been attacked at every turn, but the media and left isn’t just attacking Trump – they are attacking the conservative way of life. Small government, personal responsibility, life, police, military, families, are all vilified and we are told we are racist fascists if we don’t fall in line. I will be voting for law and order.”

Name: Miranda

State: Wisconsin

Age: 20

“What I loved about Trump in 2016, and what I still love about him, is his courage to stand up against the liberal narratives that are perpetuated against him. I felt like it came at such a perfect time because I was getting frustrated with Republican leaders never fighting back. I saw how Democrats were getting more emboldened to say whatever they wanted with no regard for what they were saying or if it was true. His campaign was the first time I realized that Republicans can push back. His election inspired me to get involved in politics, be educated on the issues and be an outspoken conservative who can stand up for myself and others. I also believe that his accomplishments are undeniable. If he wasn’t getting anything done, I don’t believe the media would come for him the way they do or try to ignore the good these he does. So many of my friends have no idea that he signed funding for HBCU’s, expanded school choice, approved more generic drugs to bring down consumer costs, and so much more. Most of the time, my friends end up supporting these policies once they learn about it. At the same time, I think it’s important to recognize that many of his supporters don’t see him as a perfect candidate and do criticize him. We are not blindly in love with his charisma or have a political Stockholm Syndrome, as some of my friends have suggested on Instagram. He has implemented things that I don’t support and believe hurt him politically such as raising the age for tobacco and nicotine products. However, the good policies significantly outweigh the bad ones for me, and while I may criticize, it’s because I want him to succeed. I don’t think that anyone else could run the country right now and I believe that President Trump will continue to fight for all Americans.”

Name: Lela

State: Arizona

Age: 19

“I’m voting for Trump more as a statement than anything. I’m tired of the bigotry against Trump supporters, Republicans, and conservatives. And I’m tired of being told that I can’t vote for a specific candidate because I’d be voting against my own gender. It’s insane! By voting for Trump, I see it as standing up against anyone who’s trying to silence anyone for thinking differently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the biggest fan of his personality, (someone take away his Twitter!), but right now, we need someone like him to stand up against this modern Radical Left movement.”

Name: Theresa

State: Washington

Age: 38

“President Trump is supports the sanctity of life, the 2nd Amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and puts the American worker first.”

Name: Kalasia

State: Massachusetts

Age: 22

“I am voting for Donald Trump for many reasons including his pro life stance, support for school choice, his criminal justice reform , his pro women initiatives like the ‘building blocks of STEMact’, and giving incarcerated women easier access to menstrual hygiene products. I also really appreciated the “Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture” Act signed in 2019 and overall want a President who is going to put America first today, tomorrow, and always.”

Name: Hannah

State: Florida

Age: 21

“Donald Trump is the only person who is stopping this country from falling into corruption and radical ideologies. If he does not win this election, we may lose our country. The other main reasons I will vote for Trump is because of how he will bring the economy back to greatness, as well as protect our veterans, the border, and life (both born and unborn). He is the first President in recent history to keep America first and keep America safe. Unhinged Leftists are destroying the country. Innocent citizens are having their lives destroyed, and Democrats are allowing this to happen. Trump tries to help, and he is criticized by Democrats. He is the only candidate who can restore law and order in this country. Joe Biden is too weak, but we all know he is a puppet for the radical Left to push their agenda. Donald Trump pushes back. The last reason is how he fights human trafficking, a grave sin in this country. He fights to protect our children. That is why I will vote for him. He’s still the best candidate for the job.”

Name: Peyton

State: Mississippi

Age: 22

“As an advocate for religious liberty and pro-life, I have seen how Trump has stood with us. He is willing to go out of his way to support religious liberty and stand with pro-life issues. One of the biggest reasons that I support President Trump is his willingness to move the American embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. That solidified my support of the President. As these are my top issues when I go to the ballot box, I am excited to see what Trump will do for religious liberty and defunding planned parenthood in the next four years. I say, “Keep America Great! 4 More Years!””

Name: Summer

State: Michigan

Age: 18

“I am voting for Donald Trump because I’m seeing what the media and Democrats are doing to my generation. They use celebrities and major media sites to tell their lies to destroy this country. They brainwash us without any regret for what they are doing. Then, they assume that we will just believe it and go out and vote Democrat but what they don’t know is that some of us are freethinkers. We don’t buy into the lies that will turn our country into a socialist tyranny. I’m voting for Donald Trump because he’s protecting our rights and our freedom. He’s protecting the future I want to have.”

Name: Gwendolyn

State: Virginia

Age: 28

“I admire his tenacity in office and how he’s committed to building a strong economy and investing in American industry. He’s a strong leader who doesn’t cave to pressure from the left and truly puts America first. I appreciate how he’s willing to stand by his policies and will do what he believes is best for his people, even if it’s unpopular. His tweets may rub people the wrong way, but I truly admire his passion even when I happen to disagree with him. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but he has my vote in 2020.”

Name: Brittany

State: Texas

Age: 24

“In this past year I moved from CA to TX because I saw first hand what a society under democratic rule looked like, and it was pathetic. I’m voting for Trump because my President fights for EVERYONE, regardless of who you and are where you come from. His love for America knows no bounds, and he has taken the worst kind of abuse for the sake of making our country great again. He is authentic, intelligent, & NOT AFRAID of the mob. His personality isn’t for everyone, but he has put more policy in place than any other president before him that makes this country safe and prosperous. And even more so, he has fought against human trafficking like no leader ever has! Trump 2020!”

Name: Alexza

State: California

Age: 20

“I am voting for Donald Trump because he genuinely cares for the success of the individuals in America. He has shown this from the very beginning of his term, when he refused to accept a paycheck as President. He continued to show this through the results of his efforts and choices as President; creating 4 million job opportunities, reforming the Medicare Program to save seniors hundreds of millions of dollars in JUST this year, passed tax bill resulting in small businesses having the lowest top marginal tax rate in 80 years, helped lifted 3.9 Americans off food stamps since election, helped veteran’s unemployment rate reach lowest in nearly 20 years, and helped manufacturing rate grow at it’s fastest rate in three decades.”

Name: Jordan

State: Virginia

Age: 26

“Promises made, promises kept.  My biggest voting issues are conservatives for Supreme Court seats, putting America First, and shrinking the size of the bureaucracy.”

Name: Allie

State: Pennsylvania

Age: 19

“I plan on voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election for several reasons. To begin with, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he cares about criminal justice reform noticeably after he signed the First Step Act. Additionally, President Trump has created thousands of jobs for American Citizens and the unemployment rate under his presidency was nearly 3.6% pre-covid. Also, Trump has helped women and POC find jobs across all industries. Moreover, more women have been employed under the Trump Administration than any previous presidential administration. Donald Trump has also exclaimed his devotion for capitalism and will continue to prevent socialism from being established in the United States. With that being said, President Trump also opposes the idea universal healthcare which would be a threat to America if it was ever implemented. Donald Trump fights for America, we need 4 more years!”

Name: Alexandria

State: Virginia

Age: 25

“I am voting for Trump because he shows tremendous amounts of love and respect for this country. He puts our citizens and our military first. He puts America first, and he wants to make sure our rights are protected and our country is safe.”

Name: Emma

State: Louisiana

Age: 33

“I was born in Lima, Peru and immigrated to the USA when I was a very small child. Growing up I was always told that the American dream was attainable through ambition and hard work. Democrats rather keep people like me on government dependency than to have us advance based on our own efforts. Under President Trump’s administration Latinos have had record low Latino/ Hispanic American unemployment, record low poverty rates, median income for Latino households also reached a historic high. Latinos have advanced under Trump’s administration! Proud to say that my FIRST presidential vote since becoming a USA citizen will be going towards Donald Trump.”

Amanda O