Welcome back to another installment of Conservative Women Weekly! Conservative women stole the spotlight this week–and we even saw them shining it on each other. Here’s just three highlights from this week’s news.

Nikki Haley endorses Congresswoman Stephanie Bice for second term

The former ambassador to the United Nations announced her support for freshman congresswoman, Stephanie Bice, as Bice seeks reelection in Oklahoma’s fifth district. Bice has been well-received by her Republican colleagues in Congress, earning the title of freshman class president following her 2020 win. In her endorsement this week, Haley said of Bice, “I’m proud to endorse her because she’s not afraid to stand up to Pelosi’s spending spree and liberal agenda.” 

Rachel Campos-Duffy’s ratings on Fox News Primetime continue to soar

Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy broke her ratings record on Fox News Primetime, reaching 2.2 million viewers on an episode that aired last week. Campos-Duffy is part of a rotating group of opinion guest anchors for the show. Catch her recent opening monologue for the show here.

Mary Katharine Ham joins The View as a guest co-host

Conservative commentator Mary Katharine Ham joined the hosts on The View this week to offer a counter-perspective to the (oftentimes, loud) liberal voices on the show. She offered her typical sensible, straightforward, and thoughtful commentary on a variety of topics, from the Met Gala to 9/11 to the recall effort in California

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