There are a lot of popular and regurgitated pro-choice talking points out there. Let’s debunk the most popular.

Stance #1)  Getting pregnant is not always a choice, therefore I am entitled to the decision of whether or not I continue carrying.

Reality #1)  Getting pregnant is not always a choice. However, many things in life are also not choices. If one believes that every choice they did not make (the weather, people’s attitudes, who wins the lottery), they should be entitled to change, one would probably be in for a very disappointing life.

Getting pregnant may or not be a choice, but a child is not. You, me, people, we are not a choice. We are miracles. No one gets to decide whether a miracle should happen or not apart from God.

Whether you decided to get pregnant or not, the baby was not a part of that choice.  The baby is separate, it’s own being.

Things happen in life and rarely do we get the say. To unconsciously get pregnant is a choice some might not have got a say in, but it is not an excuse to make a new, conscious decision to end the life of your baby.

Stance #2)  I am entitled to choose how I want my future to be.

Reality #2)   Regardless of a pregnancy, about .0000000000000000000000000…1% of people are able to map out exactly how their life will go. Pregnancy, no doubt, alters people’s lives. If you have dreams, goals you worked towards, expectations, plans, those might get altered a bit. But pregnancy isn’t the only thing that will alter these. Life happens. You might get into debt. You might fail at something. You might not get into a school you wanted or get a job you wanted. There are so many factors at every step in our lives that can alter everything, and pregnancy might just be one of them for some people. Like the other factors, it can happen unplanned, but if we can’t change those other factors, why do we feel entitled to change this one?  Because we’ve been given the resources and the legal rights to do it? If resources and/or legal rights are all that is needed to give every decision the ‘OK’ regardless of moral ethics, we should all be afraid for the future.

Stance #3) Abortion laws exist only to control women

Reality #3)   This stance has no explanation. To say abortion laws only exist to control women, the insinuation is that only men want abortion laws. Except that’s not true, because there are many  females who advocate for life. In fact, I actually know an entire group of future female leaders who would agree.

Stance #4) My body, My choice

Reality #4)  Similarly to stance #3, stance #4 has no sound explanation. Try to explain how an entirely  new body, new heart, new brain, new lungs, new fingernails, new soul; entirely separate from you but just swimming around in your stomach for a couple of months; is your body? If it is your body then why in a matter of months do you no longer call it your body? The heart beat from an embryo starts as soon as 5 weeks, so did you only have two hearts for a couple of weeks/months before you decided to give it away or get rid of it?  Or did you refer to it as your body for only the first couple of months because after that it’s weird to point to a full grown person or even a baby and say ‘don’t do that, that’s my body’? Because when you can physically see them with your eyes it’s impossible to believe the delusion that they don’t exist unless you decide they get to?

If then, it is indeed not your body, the argument ‘my body my choice’ can’t even be started because there is no ‘my body’ to begin with.

Alexza Bahnmiller is a current Journalism student at California Baptist University.

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