It seems like no one can just shut up and sing, or sit down and act, or stick to their trade. That is why celebrity endorsements are running rampant. In a world where we actually value the opinion of people like Kim Kardashian, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that politicians court celebrity endorsements like men used to court ladies,  if not more vigorously and with far less scruples. Does it shock anyone to find out that Hillary Clinton has already landed a slew of celebrity endorsements? I’m certainly not shocked to find some famous Hollywood left-leaners, those who got rich and famous on capitalism, supporting the candidate who would love to tax them into bankruptcy, after she’s done rubbing shoulders with them, of course.

You likely saw in the news recently that Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony-winning superstar, is arranging for a special showing of Hamilton to raise money for the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Tickets start at $2,700, which is about what you would have to pay to get a ticket to Hamilton right now. The Left loves to deride the 1%, but then they do things like this that prove THEY are the 1% more often then not. When Democrats hold events with Hamilton showings and wine with George Clooney and concerts by Katy Perry, are they really showing that they are just like us, or are they trying to use a smoke screen to draw us to them for entertainment value and then hope that we will overlook their hypocritical action?

Here are 40 celebrities that you might not have known support Hillary Clinton. See if it makes you think differently about any of them. Odds are, you’ll wrinkle your nose a little next time you see a celebrity,  best known for their acting chops or vocal ability, out stumping for a candidate that seems to be against their own best interest.

  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda

  2. Jennifer Garner

  3. Shonda Rhimes

  4. Salma Hayek

  5. Tom Hanks

  6. Beyonce

  7. Katy Perry

  8. Lady Gaga

  9. Amy Schumer

  10. America Ferrera

  11. George Clooney

  12. Robert De Niro

  13. Kim Kardashian

  14. Uzo Aduba

  15. Rosie O’Donnell

  16. Ellen DeGeneres

  17. Dakota Fanning

  18. Morgan Freeman

  19. Leonardo DiCaprio

  20. Demi Lovato

  21. Amy Poehler

  22. Barbra Streisand

  23. Kanye West

  24. Olivia Wilde

  25. Gina Rodriguez

  26. Eva Longoria

  27. Cyndi Lauper

  28. Katie Holmes

  29. Mary J Blige

  30. Ben Affleck

  31. Kate Hudson

  32. Richard Gere

  33. Elton John

  34. Jamie Foxx

  35. Jesse Eisenberg

  36. Drew Barrymore

  37. Viola Davis

  38. Cher

  39. Christina Aguilera

  40. Bryan Cranston

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member