As temperatures rise this summer, news surrounding Republican and conservative women are heating up too! This week, conservative and Republican women took a stand, made history, and advocated for their principles. Let’s break it down.

Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota, hosts President Trump for rally at Mount Rushmore

Governor Noem made headlines a few weeks ago when she took a bold stand against the mob wanting to destroy Mount Rushmore. This past week, she hosted President Trump for a rally at the landmark to celebrate our nation’s birthday and our historical statues.

Marsha Blackburn voted Most Conservative Senator

GovTrack’s 2019 report card reveals that Senator Marsha Blackburn is the most conservative in the United States Senate. Blackburn ran her Senate campaign as a strong conservative so to her constituents, this is a promise kept. Senator Joni Ernst is right behind her at 2nd most conservative senator.

Record number of GOP Women running for Congress

FiveThirtyEight highlighted that Republican women are definitely having a moment. In fact, this year could be the year of the Republican woman because a there are a record number of GOP women running for United States Congress.

Women For Trump announce Wisconsin Bus Tour

Women For Trump will be packing their bags and heading to Wisconsin to campaign for President Trump. Trump won the state in 2016 and it is a big battleground state for 2020. The bus tour will feature Mercedes Schlapp, Pam Bondi, Penny Nance, and Katrina Pierson and will “travel throughout WI and engage voters through round-tables, meet-and-greets, and sit-downs with business owners and local leaders.”

Nikki Haley appears on Hannity and calls out Joe Biden for caving to pressure to defund the police

Former UN Ambassador joined Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss Trump, Biden, Black Lives Matter, and the consequences of defunding the police. Haley shared ‘If they want to turn into Venezuela, defund the police’ and called out Joe Biden for caving to pressure to do so. She went on to make the case for Trump by stating:

“We’ve had true results with President Trump. You don’t have to like him but look at the results that he’s done and [how he’s] raised the quality of life for so many people. Then look at the results of Biden with President Obama. The African-American community, women, Hispanics, none of us felt those results like we have with President Trump, so facts matter. Results matter.”

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Amanda O