Yes, I am a Conservative woman. I believe that the government should be small. No, I don’t hate myself. I do not hate liberals and no, I am not on the wrong side of history. In the past two years, conservatives have been targeted by liberals who claim to want tolerance and love. We hear tons of stereotypes of what conservative women are and what we believe, but I’m here to set the record straight. I, as a young successful woman, am proud to be a conservative. Here are five things conservative women believe.

1) Just because we are pro-life doesn’t mean that we are not pro-woman.

We believe that all life is sacred at every stage. We believe that everyone should have a chance to live. Anyways, how could you be for women’s rights, when a majority of aborted babies are girls?

2) We support closed borders and legal immigration.

We do understand that not all immigrants come to harm us. We love our country and would like to keep ourselves, our family, and our nation safe. We will welcome with open arms as long as you come legally and want to be a part of working America.

3) We don’t need feminism to prove that we’re strong, independent, successful women.

We can prove that strong women don’t need the sympathy of others to be successful. We don’t need to claim that we are underprivileged and we don’t victimize ourselves. We work hard to prove that we don’t need special assistance to make things happen. We can run the world because we realize conservative women will never have it easy.

4) We respect others.

Whether it’s the president, a veteran, a stranger passing by, or a janitor, we respect them. We know the value of respect and everything that comes with it. We give the respect that we would like in return.  We respect differing opinions and love a productive debate.

5) We love our country.

We live for the red, white, and blue. The Fourth of July is our favorite holiday, let alone favorite day. We have more red, white, and blue in our wardrobe than anything else. We are very serious about our love for this land. We could go on and on about the USA because this is our land. Our love stretches from sea to shining sea.

McKayla is a political science and legal studies student at the University of Illinois at Springfield. She is a lover of coffee, politics, and dogs. If you can’t find her listening to Taylor Swift, she is probably watching the news.

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