Advisor to President Trump, Ivanka Trump is former fashion designer and American businesswoman who works to empower other women. Ivanka is known for her sense of style when it comes to both fashion and life. She’s the perfect role model for any future female leader, both in fashion and in career. Here are five ways you can steal Ivanka Trump’s style. 

Modest outfits

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Ivanka can be counted on for one thing: modesty when it’s important in the atmosphere. Her necklines are high and her dresses come to her knee or even below.

Power heels

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Every woman needs at least one pair of power heels. The clicking of heels are equivalent to the sound of women’s power. 

Statement sleeves

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Ivanka’s long sleeve pieces are often flowy and fun. Fun and statement sleeves have become a style staple in recent years. 

Variety of colors and patterns

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Ivanka doesn’t have a signature color. Her style ranges from various patterns to unique colors. 

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Classy and simplistic

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Ivanka’s style is full of pieces that never go out of style. Opt for classic pieces when shopping for business wear and you’ll be able to wear them for years. 

Whether you need an outfit for a business meeting or a special event, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect Ivanka-inspired outfit. 

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