What are you waiting for? Buy some pro-life swag, defend the unborn, and be bold AND fashionable while doing it!


COL 1972 is an online boutique that was launched in 2019 by Carla D’Addesi and her 3 daughters. They make anything from pro-life graphic tees to swimsuits and donate 10% of their proceeds to organizations who protect a culture of life. You can shop at COL 1972 with the peace of mind that your hard earned dollars won’t be going to Planned Parenthood. 

Life Dress

Life Dress is a small business founded and run by Angelique Claire Clark, a 21-year-old college student. She creates hand-painted apparel and accessories with life-affirming phrases and eye-catching designs. Angelique paints and sells custom orders (where you send in the item you want painted,) made-new thrifted dresses and other clothing, ties, face-masks, scrunchies, and hats. “The goal of Life Dress is to create visibility for the pro-life movement, one style at a time.”

Classy Culture

Classy Culture is a small apparel shop started by Jenna Mocan. They sell multiple pro-life graphic t-shirt designs, as well as accessories. Their designs display pro-life messaging in a classy way. 

Soul on Fire Designs

Soul on Fire Designs is a faith based boutique created by a California-based mother. All merchandise is retro/boho inspired and is made in her home. Her most notable pro-life apparel are jean jackets with stunning pro-life messages on the back.

Hope Outfitters

Hope Outfitters is Christian apparel company that hosts campaigns where a portion of their proceeds goes to charity. Currently, they are doing a “pro-life campaign to save the babies” where money is donated to Embrace Grace and And Then There Were None. Their pro-life designs include “Save the Babies” and “Speak Up For Those Who Cannot Speak.” The designs are available on t-shirts and stickers.

Future Female Leaders

We can’t talk about pro-life merch and not mention FFL, a women owned business run by Amanda Owens. The FFL shop has apparel for all of your conservative woman needs, including a pro-life collection. Go treat yourself with a “Pro-Women Pro-Science Pro-Life” tank, t-shirt, longsleeve, or sweatshirt, or a purple “Pro-Life” t-shirt or crewneck sweatshirt. (You can also buy stickers and buttons!)

Teresa Overholser is a highschool junior from South West Ohio. She is very active in the pro-life movement and local politics. Teresa enjoys running and hopes to pursue marketing in college.

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