I’m sure you’ve seen them. Ya know, the social media posts calling for unity only days after the same people posting them called all Republicans “racist”, “homophobic”, “sexist”, “xenophobic”, or suggesting lack of intelligence or internalized misogyny. 

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up, but just in case you don’t believe me — this is a viral post I’ve seen going around:

I appreciate that you think of me at all because I don’t ever think of you. How kind. But the people sharing this want me to pretend they didn’t say this just for the sake of “unity”? 

Please, I would rather chew glass than pretend that for the past four years I haven’t been called every name in the book and had horrible things wished upon me for my political affiliation.

A tweet by Cabot Phillips summed it perfectly: 

The virtue signaling of the left has to be exhausting, but it speaks to the root of how they operate. They will dehumanize and demean you when they don’t get their way. When they do get their way, they’re upset that we aren’t willing to hold their hand and sing their praises. How are we supposed to “heal” when they caused the wounds in the first place?

I mean, come on, these people are demanding that we accept Biden’s nomination when there is substantial evidence of something weird happening in many of the swing states. We haven’t forgotten they fought against Trump’s legitimate nomination for the past four years. Then, they impeached President Trump over a hoax that turned out to be completely false. 

I have no problem accepting Biden’s nomination if it is proven that he won fair and square, but I’m not going to pretend, for the sake of faux unity, that the Left won’t turn around and attack me when Republicans win the next time. 

They promoted the idea that if you vote Trump, “you ain’t black.”

They promoted the idea that women are brainwashed by men and that’s why they vote red.

And they wanted everyone to buy into identity politics because they have witnessed that droves of people are leaving the Democratic party due to the hypocrisy and radicalization of the left. God forbid they don’t own minority’s votes. The American people are not a monolithic. 

Democrats are wolves in sheep’s clothing right now because they think that a Joe Biden presidency will be some fantasy leftist utopia. Just wait until the Republicans win big in 2022. 

We see past these fake calls for unity. 

We see past Democrat’s sudden friendliness now that they got their way.

Yes, we see through right through them.

This isn’t over, but toxic political beliefs should be.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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