Amanda is the Founder and voice behind Future Female Leaders, America’s leading social movement for conservative women.  She is known for her uncanny ability to connect, engage, empower, and influence other young women.  She has demonstrated the ability to marry the day-to-day life events of a young woman with politics.  She does such with an appropriate amount of humor and sass and makes current events, politics, and the direction of our country relevant to many millennial women and others. Through the efforts of her and her organization, she has worked to get young women engaged in the real issues facing our country, and inspired these women to get registered to vote, support conservative candidates, and make their voices be heard. 

Amanda currently resides in the State of Virginia.  She is a graduate of East Carolina University College of Business and a true American entrepreneur, starting FFL while she was in college.  Her social media footprint has grown substantially over the past 4 years through her Future Female Leaders organization, which affects millions of American women’s lives.  She has built a community of hundreds of thousands of women that support and assist each other and their country in ways that truly count.

Amanda has been involved with or consulted with many of America’s leading conservative organizations. In addition, she has spoken at national conferences throughout the country. At these events, Amanda speaks firmly about support of the limited government, entrepreneurship, women in politics and business, and female empowerment. 

 Find her on Twitter here.