The 2020 election results have been highly contested due to allegations of fraud in multiple key swing states by President Trump, conservative commentators, and many American citizens. However, media like Fox News, Joe Biden himself, and other legislators have made it clear that their stance is that the accusations of fraud cannot be proven and is dangerous misinformation. This has left much of the American people divided and unsure of what to believe. Conservative women, never the monolith, have very differing opinions on these allegations so we asked them to share their thoughts on the issue. 

Out of 50 women who shared their thoughts on the issue, 33 say they believe there was mass voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. 8 say that there was some form of fraud, but it was not on a mass level across multiple states. 

Here are some of their reasons why these women do believe there was fraud. 

Bailey, AZ

“My home state of Michigan had thousands of fraudulent ballots, with dead people voting, some counties having over 100 percent turnout, the mysterious spike that was solely for Biden overnight, Antrim county that “accidentally” gave 6k votes for Trump to Biden, etc. I’ve also seen reports of whistleblowers from USPS in PA and MI saying their bosses directed people to backdate late ballots. I have friends in AZ and MI who were given sharpies and did not have their vote counted because of it. I could go on.”

Sarai, TX

“There are videos of people burning and discarding Trump ballots. There are videos of people filling in ballots. The computer glitch that turned Trump votes into Biden votes. That software was used in 28 other states. There is a lack of transparency in Pennsylvania and Michigan. GOP poll workers were not able to see the counting of ballots.”

Anonymous, NY

“USPS workers are speaking about it. States who were leaning one way stopped and then started counting hours or days later as if they wanted to know the number needed to win and made it look as if it happened naturally. The blocking of people to see what was happening during counting, poll workers wearing political wear, technical issues, and more voters voting than those registered.”

9 women shared they do not believe there was mass voter fraud in the country this election cycle. 

Here are some of their reasoning for this belief.

Madeline, TX

“This election has been hyped up by every entity, and even corporations have been encouraging people all year to go and register to vote. I think the increased number of voters played a large part in the supposition of mass fraud, but I think that the real fraud is going to be fewer cases of people VOTING, and more cases of people or software COUNTING cast votes.”

Katie, AL

“Trump has filed multiple lawsuits. Nowhere in any of these lawsuits have they provided evidence of voter fraud. In one of these case, his lawyers admitted they don’t believe there is evidence of voter fraud. If lawyers, who are under oath and the obligation of candor, are admitting that then it leads me to believe all of this is a publicity stunt or a charade to cater to Trump’s fragile ego.”

Kimberley, OH

“There has been no evidence of mass fraud. One or two fraudulent votes will not change the outcome of an election. There would have be thousands of fraudulent votes in multiple states and that’s just not likely with the safeguards states have in place to ensure their elections are accurate.”

President Trump’s response to the initial call by the media for a Joe Biden win has been either criticized or revered depending on which social media account or news outlet you are looking at.

Out of 50 responses, 35 women do find that President Trump’s reaction to the election results are appropriate. 

These are some of their thoughts on it. 

Madeline, MN

“I like how relatively calm he is being. I think his legal action are appropriate. The American people deserve a fair election, even if the results don’t change, we can’t have faith in the system if it has been proven fraudulent.”

Sarai, TX

“I think he should not concede, but keep on fighting for half of the country’s vote. We must let the election process play out and all of the litigation be resolved.”

Bailey, AZ

“I think Trump has handled this with grace and elegance. He has remained calm, and has attacked the falsehoods of these votes without attacking Biden or Harris personally, something that would not happen if it were the other way around. I admire his strength, calmness, and loyalty to the American people thus far.”

15 responded that they do not find President Trump’s reaction appropriate. 

These are some of their reasoning for this. 

Geneva, IN

“His reactions to the election results are embarrassing but not unsurprising.  It’s disappointing that the sitting president continue to tweet outbursts and encourage disinformation about an important event like the election and the refusal to concede and call for lawsuits etc. when he lost by a margin larger than what he won by in 2016.”

Carly, MI

“I think that one of the biggest downfalls of Trump is his lack of grace and ability to act professional. I think he should be letting someone else speak for him right now because he lacks eloquence sometimes and it just fuels the left’s fire.”

Victoria, FL

“He acts the same way he always has. It doesn’t matter how much good he does if he continues to be disrespectful to Democrats and the American people.”

The impact that these fraud claims will have go beyond just this 2020 election, it will impact the way that Americans view elections going forward. All the women that shared their thoughts whether they believed voter fraud occurred or not, shared what they think the impact will be both to them personally and to the country at large. 

Here is what a few women shared:

Blair, IL

“I am concerned that it will be the norm for a candidate to claim voter fraud without any evidence which will in the long-run create more public distrust in our democratic system. It is a bad precedent to set but I saw it coming after Trump made unsubstantiated claims in 2016 as well.”

Breanna, OK 

“I think it has just made clear how easy our system is dismantled. We definitely need to invest in securing and bettering our systems overall.”

Amanda, GA

“I think that it’s strange how there were fraud claims for years when Republicans were winning but now that Democrats are winning, there’s no way possible. I’m not sure if people see it as deserved or if they really believe it. If anyone is willing turn a blind eye on either side, that makes me doubt any of the results. I don’t know who I can trust anymore.”

Out of 50 responses, 38 women said that they will be skeptical in some way or form of future election results. 

As the election results continue to linger, a lot of left-leaning figures have asked if conservatives will be “accepting” of the election results for a Biden win. This was key question that the conservative women who shared their thoughts also answered. 

Out of 50 women who shared their thoughts, 29 said they would at some point be accepting of a Biden win. Many women said they would be accepting once all legal procedures looking into the fraud were completed. 

It is clear through social media, mainstream reporting, and through the responses given here that conservatives do not have a one size fits all response to the fraud allegations that have saturated the 2020 election. The impact of this has changed individual’s feelings on what our elections are and what they should be like going into the future. Time will tell if the election process will once again have the faith of the American people, no matter what the results. 

Stormi R