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Representative Elise Stefanik has had a busy term. This includes becoming the House co-chair of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, and continuing her co-chair positions of both the Congressional STEAM Caucus and the Congressional Arts Caucus. She also launched EPAC (the Elevate PAC), to “Engage, Empower, Elevate And Elect Republican Women In Congress.” 

Rep. Stefanik truly is an enigma, and the definition of a “New Generation Republican,” as she refers to herself. Despite all this, she humbly asks that her constituents call her Elise. This is further demonstrated by her campaign materials with a personal touch – her slogan is Elise for Congress rather than Stefanik for Congress. 

A few members of Future Female Leaders were fortunate enough to spend time with Elise in a special meet + greet. She truly conversed with us about mentor-ship, legislation, and elevating more young women into offices like hers. We are so grateful for her generous leadership and for caring to meet young women like us, none of whom live in her district. That all said, Elise does serve her district well, as demonstrated by an upcoming milestone.

Having recently flown back to her district for what is considered to be the August recess, as Elise recently shared in an Instagram Q&A, “August is not really a ‘recess’ for [her].” She continues: “It’s a time for me to really dig in and get around the district. I have round-tables on the opioid crisis, federal grand announcements, small business and manufacturing torus, as well as County Fairs! That’s just this week!”

Elise Stefanik is a hardworking, bipartisan, young conservative woman helping to change the landscape and the narrative of the party.  She shows you can do that by being in the district and making yourself accessible to your constituents. Elise shares: “I am on track to complete my 1000th Constituent District Event since taking office this month.”

In the Instagram ask me anything, Elise was asked, “What’s the most difficult part of representing such a large (area) district?”

She answered, “The size is very challenging. I often have three to five hour drives between events on a given day. A quick commute for me is 1.5 hours in this district.”

It’s clear that Elise legitimately works hard to advance the interests of her constituents, as well as the American people. As she said, “it’s 24/7.” 

Jordan O

Jordan Orris works in political marketing for some of the nation’s top conservative candidates and nonprofits. She is an alumna of Auburn University and Ole Miss. Originally from Henderson, Nevada, she enjoys SEC Football, reading, and politics.