Everyone is sorting everyone into Hogwarts houses these days. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve probably taken about 10 online quizzes determining what Hogwarts house you would be sorted into, but have you ever wondered what houses our favorite GOP women would find themselves sorted into? Well, now you are. 

So without further adieu, let’s sort some of the most prominent Republican and conservative women in Hogwarts houses.


A Gryffindor is brave and courageous. Despite any fear they may have, they will stand up for what is right despite the consequences. They are daring, adventurous, and loyal.

    • Barbara Bush

    • Kristi Noem

    • Joni Ernst

    • Martha McSally

    • Liz Cheney

    • Megyn Kelly

    • Clare Boothe Luce

    • Hope Hicks

    • Elaine Chao

    • Mia Love

    • Shelley Moore Capito

    • Ayaan Hirsi Ali 


A Hufflepuff is extremely loyal and hardworking. They are known for being very friendly, kind, and always sticking by their friendships. They are humble, modest, and fair.

    • Laura Bush

    • Marsha Blackburn

    • Kim Reynolds

    • Dana Perino

    • Alex Clark

    • Kim Klacik

    • Harris Faulkner

    • Ainsley Earhardt

    • Betsy DeVos

    • Kay Ivey

    • Sarah Palin


A Ravenclaw is intelligent and witty. They are very original with their thoughts and creative. Eccentric and disciplined are words one would use to describe them. 

    • Margaret Thatcher

    • Sandra Day O’Connor

    • Nikki Haley

    • Amy Coney Barrett

    • Ivanka Trump

    • Elise Stefanik

    • Katie Pavlich

    • Allie Beth Stuckey

    • Jeanette Rankin


A Slytherin is hardworking and ambitious. They are cunning and can quickly find a path to a solution when there is a problem. They are natural-born leaders and resourceful. 

    • Condoleezza Rice

    • Melania Trump

    • Nancy Reagan

    • Ronna McDaniel

    • Laura Ingraham

    • Kellyanne Conway

    • Candace Owens

    • Tomi Lahren

    • Susan Collins

    • Dana Loesch

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