Kimberly Guifoyle’s ex is in trouble. California Governor Gavin Newsom is teetering on the edge of a recall and I have to be honest, it could not be happening to a more deserving person. Politicians have a long history of “one set of rules for thee, another for me” and no one took this more to heart than Newsom. Back in November, Newsom, his wife, a couple members of the California Medical Association, a lobbyist and others were seen at a restaurant, dinning indoors, not social distancing, no masks etc. To say this blew up in Newsom’s face is an understatement. That outrage did not die off. For We the People to have to watch a Governor who has cracked down hard on his state with COVID restrictions and go to a dinner party where the meals cost more than most of us make in a week, Newsom’s move left an especially bad taste in the mouth. That bad taste lingered and festered until talk of a recall began. It quickly moved past just talk and now Gavin Newsom is in serious trouble of being the second California Governor in my lifetime that could be recalled.

California, as a whole, is not doing great. Parts of it are literally crumbling into the ocean. People are fleeing the state by the thousands for other states. The homeless problem in California is mind boggling and shows no signs of improving at all. In fact, due to COVID, the homeless crisis is surging at an alarming rate. California officials are more concerned with the name on a school than the actual children who need to eventually return. The cost of living in California simply is not worth it at this point. Add on top of it, a hypocrisy riddled Governor who’s crushing the life out small businesses and people’s livelihoods, it would seem that the people of California who are staying there, have had enough.

Let’s be very clear: Gavin Newsom does not care about the people of California. He has made that crystal-clear with his behavior and how he has handled the pandemic. There are health officials in California that have finally admitted “We may not know what we’re doing.” But this has never stopped Newsom from putting his personal politics over the people he’s supposed to be serving. He’s going a step further and now actively hiding California’s COVID data. He has got to go. The threat of recall is so real that Newsom tried to quickly backpedal and open the state, still with restrictions, but its too late.

The signatures and the money needed to bankroll Newsom’s recall are in hand. Come March, Newsom could be on his way out and then its anyone’s game as to who would replace him. California’s only successful Governor recall was in 2003 and that governor was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Several Republicans have supported Newsom’s recall and are hoping to fill his seat including former Senator John Moorlach and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Hannah Brokaw lives in a red state and votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter where she has a lot of thoughts.

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