The 2020 election season is in full swing, and here at FFL we’re excited to see that there has been a surge in Republican women running for public office. We love to celebrate conservative women in all capacities and give our readers a look at what they stand for.

The filing date for the Missouri congressional races recently passed, and there are several women running for United States Congress from the state. Missouri will have their primary on August 4th, 2020.

Here’s what you need to know.

Dr. Winnie Heartstrong (MO-01)

Dr. Winnie Heartstrong survived an abortion after her mother viewed an ultrasound that saved her life. She earned a Ph.D in political communication from the University of Maryland. Now with a family of her own, she moved back to the state of Missouri and wants to use her experience to advocate for pro-life law. Heartstrong is for protecting the unborn, Federal Child Victims Act, strengthening America’s borders, supporting the 2nd Amendment, and Urban Revitalization. To Learn more about Dr. Winnie Heartstrong, visit her campaign site here.

Lynette Trares (MO-03)

Lynette Trares is a small business owner with a degree in Human Services. Trares is an independent mother of two Generation Z military dependents. She worked the MO Department of Economic Development Workforce Development Re-employment Specialist where se guided those who were hit the hardest by the 2008 Wall Street collapse. Lynette also worked with the MO Department of Health & Senior Services Protective Services to oversee Seniors & those with disabilities who served or are serving on the Front line of America’s Invisible War on our public health. Lynette Trares is for Public School Security, National Security and Immigration, Prison Reform, Medical Marijuiana, and protecting the 2nd amendment. To learn more about Lynette Trares, visit her campaign website here.

Adela Wisdom (MO-03)

Adela Wisdom is a federally recognized Native American from the Cherokee Tribe of Talequah Oklahoma. She graduated from Grossmont Community College with her Associates in Science Degree for Business Administration. Adela served as an advisor for San Diego City Council Medical Marijuana Task Force, sat on Mayor Bob Filner’s Medical Marijuana Board and had the privilege of attending and speaking at the United Nations UNGASS in New York about judicial reform. Adela Wisdom is for more border patrol agents, securing the border, etc. To learn more about Adela Wisdom, visit her campaign website here.

Ann Wagner (MO-02)

Ann Wagner is running for re-election to the U.S. House to represent Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District where she has served since 2013. Wagner has served as the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg from 2005-2009, served as co-chair of the Republican National Committee from 2001-2005 and became the first woman to chair the Missouri Republican Party from 1999-2005. Ann Wagner supports securing the borders, fighting sex trafficking, protecting survivors of assualt, and strengthening our military. To learn more about Ann Wagner, visit her campaign website here.

Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) 

Vicky Hartzler is running for re-election in Missouri’s U.S. House 4th Congressional District, where she assumed office in January 2011. Prior to the U.S. House, Hartzler served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1995-2001. She was later appointed chair to the Women’s council in 2005, holding that position for 3 years. Vicky graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Education and later graduated from Central Missouri State University earning an M.S. in Education. Vicky Hartzler supports protecting individual liberties, pro-life movement, affordable healthcare, the right to bear arms, and legal immigration.  To learn more about Vicky Hartzler, visit her campaign website here.

Caroline O