A prominent member of “The Squad,” Ilhan Omar (MN-5) has stirred up quite the controversy throughout her freshman term in Congress. Many have tried to expose the freshman congressman on allegations of tax fraud, marriage fraud, and violations of campaign finance laws. Up for re-election in 2020, the incumbent has a new challenger. Dalia al-Aqidi has announced her bid for the fifth congressional district seat in Minnesota, as a Republican candidate. Both refugees, both Muslim, both women, but Dalia al-Aqidi claims they could “not be further apart.”

Dalia was born in Iraq and fled to the United States with her family in 1988 because of the harsh circumstances under the reign of Saddam Hussein. Although Dalia was a young adult when she came to America, she feels as though she started a completely new life, with new opportunities. She continued her journalism career as a White House Correspondent, a radio anchor, and is now working as a senior international political talk show host reporting from cities in the Middle East in English and Arabic. Before coming to America, she took a political stance against Saddam Hussein’s tyranny and oppression, and even had the help of  the late United States Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens. Dalia has always been passionate about combating terrorism through her reporting, or by working with U.S. forces in the Middle East. Dalia claims she has seen the repercussions of the radical actions taken by politicians like Omar – stating that it spreads hate, and furthers the rift between the United States and the Middle East.

As a guest on “Fox & Friends” last week, Dalia made this statement:

“As an American citizen, my duty is to defend my country and my duty is to stand up to her hatred and racism that she’s spreading within her community, within the country, and even worldwide.”

She continues on to say “Ilhan Omar is harming every American  with hatred, her standing again what we believe in, and against our Constitution. She also stated that she no longer feels as though she is an refugee stating, “I’m not Iraqi anymore. I’m an American. Period.”

The presidential primary election will take place on March 3, 2020, followed by the general election November 3, 2020. The other Republican primary candidates are Lacy Johnson, Danielle Stella, Lucia Vogel, Alley Waterbury, and Brent Whaley.

Kellie J