To say I’m obsessed with royals is definitely an understatement. Our Founding Fathers would probably be a little disappointed in me since they risked so much to remove us away from Britain’s Royal Family but here I am. I was obsessed with Princess Diana and the famous photo of her dancing with John Travolta at the White House was branded in my mind from the moment I saw it. I woke up at 5am on Prince William’s wedding day and watched the coverage all weekend. The newly minted Duchess of Cambridge was the perfect Princess Bride and has in the last 10 years delighted me constantly. So I was only too happy to have Meghan Markle get engaged to Prince Harry and expand my royal watching. However that happiness died off almost before the “Suits” actress walked down the aisle on the arm of Prince Charles as whispers, rumors and stories began circulating about Markle, her treatment of staff and others. Harry and Meghan didn’t even make it two years before dipping out of the Royal family and getting cut off from Prince Charles’ bank account. Their strange desire to capitalize off the Royal Family, all the “its our way or the highway,” sent them off to Canada and now they’re trickled down into the US. Not content to just hand off little digs here and there, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex then went full nuclear and passed off a pile of lies to Oprah which honestly didn’t go over as well as they hoped. Not taking a clue and reading the room, Prince Harry then decided to go on a podcast and declare he found America’s First Amendment “bonkers” and quite honestly I have had enough.

Professional pampered man-child Prince Harry went on the “Armchair Expert” and complained about the “bonkers” First Amendment and said the media was in a “feeding frenzy” over his life. Keep in mind, no one asked him to move to a $15million dollar mansion in LA but here he is anyway. Using our First Amendment right to complain about our First Amendment right is on brand for Prince Harry and his wife. The pair of them has been a menace to British press, filing over 5 lawsuits last year against a much more restricted British Press. Obviously that won’t work on American soil and thus…Prince Harry’s attack on the First Amendment. His bad relationship with the press and tabloids is understandable, the press was relentless when it came to his mother Princess Diana. Meghan Markle has only been far too happy to jump right in and attack the media as well, the most ridiculous example being when she sued Associated Newspapers for publishing a leaked letter she wrote to her father back in 2018.

Thanks to a little war back in 1776 technically, I don’t really have to care what Prince Harry thinks but it galls to see someone who doesn’t have the brains to realize that wearing a Nazi uniform to a party is a bad idea, now wants to complain about our right to free speech. Wanting privacy is all well and good but then maybe don’t live in the paparazzi capital of the world, go on late night shows and ride double decker buses or choose an occupation of “celebrity” like Harry and his wife have done. Instead of being a working Royal, Harry seems more focused on being a working whiner and that, to me, is as bonkers as beans on toast.

Hannah Brokaw lives in the Bluegrass State but votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter where she has a lot of thoughts.

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