The left loves to pretend that they have the monopoly on caring for and helping poorer communities.

They tout slogans every election cycle telling rally attendees that they obviously are the only ones working to protect and help those struggling.

They promise the world on a silver platter to these people.

And they promise free college, free healthcare, free housing and more when they know that these programs would be impossible to implement. 

Conservatives do not play that game of promising entire futures for free. Instead we work to implement and support policies that could make genuine change for these communities. While the work conservative activists do and policies conservative politicians push don’t make for the most clickable headlines, they are initiatives that have helped change people lives. 

Unfortunately, mainstream media and left-wing politicians love to fan the flames of the cold-hearted conservative stereotype. They paint us as people who don’t support helping those in poverty. These institutions and people choose to ignore the policies and initiatives that conservatives are actually genuinely working towards. 

For example, one of the biggest platforms for conservatives is school choice. We support school choice not because it benefits us, but because we truly believe in helping students have the best opportunity available to them no matter what their zip code is. It’s an issue and topic that closely effects those in lower class communities where the standard of education can be low. Many students have had their life changed by school choice policies implemented in conservative states. We continuously work to expand these opportunities to other states so even more students can have new futures opened up to them. 

Another example is that conservatives are the ones that push heavily for less government regulation on small businesses. It is incredibly difficult for those less well-off to start their own business in their community, government licensing, requirements, and fees can stop it from even starting or from hiring more people from that community. One of the biggest goals of the Republican Party it to lessen and get rid of these unnecessary regulations so there can be more opportunities for entrepreneurs and for those companies to go on and hire people. Starting your own business or getting hired by a small business can change the trajectory of entire families’ lives. 

It has never been that conservatives don’t care about poverty and the class division, it has always been that we work to create tangible change rather than promise impossibilities like our leftist counterparts. Words while important and nice to hear do nothing to change the systems and obstacles that people in poverty face. 

Voters and activists should be working hard to educate people about what the Republican Party and conservative movement has actually done. We should be bringing forward the stories of the people who have been touched by policies like school choice and less regulation on small businesses to the forefront.  The left can work hard to discredit the genuine care and work we’ve put in to helping those in poverty, but we can work harder to disprove them and show voters what we can and will accomplish. 

Stormi R