My husband and I love to travel, and we often do it spontaneously. Road trips are our favorite way to see our beautiful country, spend time together, and enjoy life. When we decide to jump in the car and go, we have to always be prepared. Here are 5 items I must have in the car for our road trips! 

Snacks and drinks

Guilty! I am a HUGE snacker on road trips! It helps me pass the time. To ensure that we do not go hungry, I try to keep a pack of water bottles in the trunk as well as some simple snacks. Make sure whatever food you leave in the car is not perishable.  Having a few snacks, especially water, is a smart thing to have in your car in case of emergency. 

Phone charger

This is the most important! While using GPS, listening to music, and making phone calls your phone battery will drain very quickly. Make sure you have a phone charger compatible with your car’s outlets, so that you never have to worry about your phone dying. Having your phone charged at all times, also ensures your safety if you run out of gas or get in an accident along the way. 

Emergency cash

Cash is so important to have with you in case of an emergency. Some businesses do not always take credit/debit cards, you could lose your card, etc. In my opinion, it is always important to stash some emergency cash somewhere in your car.

Self defense weapon

As a woman, it can truly be life saving to have some type of self defense weapon in the car with you. Whether it is a taser, pepper spray, a gun, or whatever you feel comfortable using, have it with you. However, please be aware of different states’ laws concerning guns while traveling.

Music or podcast

Sometimes road trips can make you feel like you have been driving forever. Pass the time with the perfect playlist or podcast to pass the time. Roll your windows down, turn up the volume, and enjoy your trip! 

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Makenzi C