My mother will be the first in a long line of people to tell you that I lack proper patience and she’s right, but only partly. In some things, I have a bottomless well of patience. The inevitable collapse of Dr. Anthony Fauci was something I have had the patience for.

I waited while he flip/flopped continually on issues.

I waited while he landed on the cover of InStyle magazine.

Then, I waited while he threw the first pitch on Opening Day.

Finally, I waited while journalists, news commentators, politicians and celebrities all fawned over him.

Here was the rest of the world, grappling with a pandemic, loss of life, loss of livelihood but this man seemed to making some type of personal gain from it all. But now, at long last, my wait seems to be over.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, there are currently hundreds of Fauci’s emails now available for all to read but a few stand out more than the others. Particularly the ones that make it quite clear that Fauci was well aware back in the beginning of 2020 that there were concerns that the COVID-19 virus was man-made. Despite the fact that he knew this, Fauci continued to insist that the virus was not man-made. Fauci, along with the director of the National Institutes of Health and other US officials, also exchanged emails about the theory that COVID came from a Chinese lab. Of course, while all of this is happening, Fauci is continuing to tell We the People that the virus was most definitely not man made at all and the rest of the MSM was telling anyone who thought that, that they were racist. Less than a week after Fauci is discussing the possibilities of the virus being made in a lab, he received an email from Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, where Daszak thanks Fauci personally for saying that COVID was not man made at all. However by Summer 2020 EcoHealth had sent a total of $600,000 to the very lab in Wuhan that was rumored to have created the COVID-19 virus and were under investigation by the NIH.

One of the fiercest critics of Anthony Fauci has been Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY) and he has had no problem going after Fauci in Senate COVID hearings. The two men argued over herd immunity, closing schools and most recently, COVID origins and whether or not Fauci was involved in funding gain-of-function research in collusion with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Paul has continued to raise valid concerns about Fauci, even after the emails have come out, concerns about Fauci’s conflict of interest with Wuhan lab and the trust that Fauci has put in the Chinese scientists about their level of honesty and transparency. Personally, I am looking forward to the next Senate hearing and I’m sure Paul has many more questions for Fauci.

My two biggest concerns regarding COVID and Fauci are: Did COVID come from a lab leak in Wuhan and at what point did it become clear to Fauci that this was a genuine concern? COVID was deadly, killing tens of thousands of people and had a major economical impact. If COVID was created in a lab, why did the lab have it: for study or for development as a biological weapon? The idea that China would participate in creating a bioweapon is not a crazy one. Journalist Anthony Klan has been exploring this possibility since last year. As we look at Fauci, read his emails and question him, its important to know when he started having concerns about COVID’s origins, about the involvement of the Chinese lab and why he continued to downplay valid concerns. Fauci has raised his profile during the pandemic, making countless TV appearances, having Brad Pitt play him on SNL and even has a book coming out. He’s currently the highest paid government employee, making over $400,000 a year. Our tax dollars that are going in his pocket. I am hopefully that in the coming weeks and months that our politicians and members of the media continue to ask the important questions and press for answers.

Hannah Brokaw lives in the Bluegrass State but votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter where she has a lot of thoughts.

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